Original ideas for furnishing the bedroom

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Original ideas for furnishing the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation and especially – for a refreshing sleep. That’s why we should put our ideas for a relaxing atmosphere into the room’s furnishing plan.The standard bed-room with a bed, a clothes closet, chests of drawers and night drawers may often seem boring and tends to make is be more uncomfortable than relaxed. That’s why the standard furnishing design may be avoided with the help of ideas, which can give a new outlook to the interior of the room.A spinning bed, placed in the middle of the room on a higher surface level is an interesting idea for a resting place. A water bed also brings a new feeling, but requires more attention when being used.

Modern round bed

The round bed, again placed in the centre of the room, is an increasingly preferred option for a bed. It is specifically suitable in the case of a broken down architectural design in the rooms. Especially if the bed-room itself has a round shape. The tester bed doesn’t only look like a piece of decor from a movie or a fairy-tail anymore, but has become a reality of the contemporary bedroom.

Modern cloths closet


The clothes closet is the item of furniture, which tends to create a feeling of discomfort most frequently than any other items of furniture do. The reason for this is that it takes up a lot of space and deprives of the room and makes it become stale. It can be completely removed as an item of furniture and replaced by a portable one. The downside of that kind of clothes closet is that clothes can be stored in it only on racks. A solution for the other clothes can be chests of drawers.Night drawers can also be completely omitted as an item of furniture and replaced by lamps, placed on the wall over the bed, or by desk night-lights.

Bathtub in contemporary bedroom


New ideas can be used for the decoration of the room, which can turn it into decor for an inspirational and uplifting place. An extravagant idea is a bathtub in the bedroom. For this purpose we must have sufficient ground, so the bathtub wouldn’t be too much near the bed and instead be near a place, which has a terra cotta floor.The bed-room is a place, where we can make the most out of experimenting, so as to give it the appearance of a place, which corresponds in the biggest extend to our view of comfort.

Stylish headboard decoration


Stylish headboard decoration

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