Ideas for furnishing an attic bedroom


Cozy attic bedroom

You want to turn your attic into an additional room? The task of furnishing a room with an untraditional architectural design can be really challenging. The main goal is for the feeling of narrowness, characteristic for the smaller rooms, to be avoided and for a cheerful and spacious atmosphere to be created. For this purpose, you will need to accent on the arrangement.In terms of furnishing, it is best suiting that you go with the minimalistic type of furniture, which the room appear larger. It is important to leave sufficiently enough empty spaces. An idea is to choose beds with build-in drawers, so as to avoid the storage furniture getting too crowded. In order to have more diverse furniture, you can add a bigger element – like a mirror, or a painting.

Contemporary attic bedroom


Contemporary attic bedroom

The choice of colours may be a key motif for the room’s spatial appearance. The right choice and correlation of the colour ranges could make the place seem larger. This effect is achieved by using colours, which reflect the sunlight the same way, or with a monochromatic colour palette. The cold nuances of blue, purple, green and grey are suitable for achieving this effect.Using a similar style for all or most of the furnishing elements is a good way of establishing a spatial balance between the furniture. Adding a cupboard or extra shelves to the interior configuration can give more space for storing personal possessions, as well as give an opportunity for adding decorative elements. The choice of style is above all a question of personal preferences, serving the purpose of creating household comfort.

Bedroom furniture arrangment


Attic bedroom furniture arrangment

The furniture arrangement is of special importance. When there is more free space next to the door, there is a feeling of spaciousness upon entering the room. That’s why the furniture should not be too close to the room’s entrance. Putting an accent on the bigger furnishing elements speaks for the home masters’ good awareness about making interior decisions and gives the room a feeling of completion.

Attic bedroom furnishing


Modern attic bedroom furnishing

Since the issue is the bedroom furnishing, your personal comfort is what’s most important. If you would like to create a relaxing atmosphere, the Japanese designing approach would be good for you, as it combines the beauty and harmony in making the designer decisions. With the help of a little creativity and imagination, you can easily arrange a cosy room in your personal style.

Modern attic bedroom


Modern attic bedroom

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