Bedroom in modern home


Contemporary bedroom furniture

One third of people’s lives going in the bedroom. This is one of the most personal space for the family. Important it is to integrate the furniture, colors and lighting. The aim is to broadcast the bedroom comfort and relaxation.A good solution is the bedroom windows face the courtyard. This will isolate the room from the street noise. Experts advise bed is not located on the axis between the door and window. Not recommended to put his wall. Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui does not accept the position of the head is to the west.

Modern bedroom furnishing


Modern bedroom furnishing

It is for people to use their imagination in the bedroom furniture. It is their private space and must be arranged according to their taste. Planning it is generally consistent with the habits of people. If you love to read in bed, you must provide a place for books. TV is indispensable item in the bedroom where the family likes to watch TV before bedtime. Beautiful picture can take its place on the wall. It will make the room stylish and sophisticated.

Modern bedroom with rug


Modern bedroom with rug

It is the room lights are carefully chosen and are consistent with the style of furniture. The market offers a large selection of modern dizayn.Svetlinata in the bedroom should be neither too strong nor too weak.Soothing soft colors are a great selection of curtains and blankets of textile. Successfully can be done in a minimalist style bed with predominant shades of chocolate, mocha, green, dark blue. Dark colors help restful sleep. It is in the bedroom flooring is made of wood and emits heat. Not recommended to use terracotta and stone floors. If a stone, it must be littered with a thick carpet. Carpet is also still relevant. Negatives when it is that difficult to clean.

Grey and white bedroom


Grey and white bedroom with a rug

Most often in the bedroom has a solid wood in combination with a beautiful rug beside the bed.It is not necessary in the bedroom furniture is made with the kit. Successful design is obtained with a mix of various beautiful furniture. This will be achieved artistry. The condition is furniture is carefully selected and tastefully to detail. The requirement is that it is comfortable and creates comfort.

Elegant white bedroom design


Elegant white bedroom design

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