Canopy bed frame ideas which set the interior of the bedroom

wood canopy bed frame white canopy curtains canopy bed ideas

A canopy bed frame can set the whole design of the bedroom interior as well as furniture. Four-poster beds were a symbol of the greatness of the owners of the house. Today, these beds are used to create a particular style. Canopy beds can be pompous, luxurious, elegant, modern and even minimalist. Whichever style, a canopy bed is romantic and it is the frame that creates the original design of the bed.

Canopy bed frame ideas in classic style

bedroom furniture luxury mahogany wood king size canopy bed frame leather headboard

Canopy bed frames and the canopy bed drapes had purely functional meaning – to protect from cold and drafts, shelter from the bright lights and guards from outside noises. Moreover, in a crowded household, these beds were almost the only place of privacy. Different historical periods added to the design and layout of the canopy bed frame. In the Middle Ages, canopy beds were usually equipped with a large awning on a wooden frame with carvings or colorful paintings. The Renaissance added a decorated headboard and podium, with spectacular columns in the corners. The Baroque added the luxury touch to the canopy beds design and the main function of the bed was not only sleeping in it but to demonstrate greatness. Velvet, silk and brocade were widely used for the drapery. The classic aesthetics feature carved, often ornate, decorative pillars, metal knobs, draped textile and dense canopy.


 Canopy bed frame ideas in modern style

modern style canopy bed frame wicker bedroom furniture

Modern style in the canopy bed frames started with the age of classicism when the designs became elegant, more geometric and with clean lines. The canopy bed drapery became lighter and their function was more decorative than practical. Today, the canopy bed has returned gloriously to the interior of bedrooms. It makes any bedroom look really special. The design depends on the overall style of the room, your imagination and preferences. Some people prefer massive draperies while other opt for almost weightless transparent fabric. Canopy bed frames can be made of wood, wrought iron, stainless steel or other material. Beds which have only a frame are quite popular in modern bedroom interiors. Curtains can be hung at will, but many people prefer the minimalist appearance. Modern designs feature minimum of elements and simple geometric shapes. Very often metal frames are combined with wood and fabric which makes them really unique.


canopy bed frame ideas ornate wood four poster bed bedroom furniture ideas

Canopy bed with wood posters and romantic drapes

Romantic bedroom queen canopy bed frame decorative posters transparent canopy curtains

 Canopy beds add a romantic touch to the interior

romantic bedroom interior wood canopy bed frame blue canopy curtains

The spectacular canopy bed is the focal point of the bedroom

queen size canopy bed poster bed ideas stylish bedroom furniture

 The classic style canopy bed features lavish drapery

queen canopy bed frame traditional style bedroom furniture night tables

 Modern metal canopy bed with a light frame

queen canopy bed frame ideas modern style kids bedroom furniture ideas

 Creative bed frame idea

original canopy bed frame ideas wood branches rustic appearance

Beautiful canopy bed in a girls bedroom

Girls bedroom furniture ideas white canopy bed frame modern chandelier purple carpet

Adorable metal bed frame with beautiful ornaments

gorgeous canopy bed frames modern bedroom furniture ideas

Contemporary bedroom with metal frame of the bed

Contemporary-elegant bedroom furniture ideas modern metal canopy bed frame

queen canopy bed frame bedroom design ideas vintage style

modern bedroom design queen canopy bed frame white canopy curtains elegant daybed design

king size canopy bed frame four poster bed designs classic style luxury bedroom furniture

king size canopy bed frame designs carved wood posters luxury bedroom furniture

fabulous master bedroom design queen canopy bed frame transparent drapery

elegant canopy bed frame queen size master bedroom furniture

elegant bedroom furniture queen canopy bed frame dark wood beige canopy curtains

contemporary canopy bed frame solid wood minimalist design

classic style canopy bed wood frame marble table lamp luxury bedroom furniture

carved wood canopy bed frame floral upholstery four poster bed ideas

bedroom furniture wood canopy bed frame creamy curtains striped cushions

exquisite queen canopy bed frame dark wood awesome bedroom designs


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