Bending bed by Europeo – Abbraccio


Why would Europeo call this bed “abbraccio”? When you look at it doesn’t make any sense, especially if you don’t know much about this amazing bending bed. The Italian word abbraccio, means embrace. The name is perfectly chosen for this bending bed by Europeo. This bed is meant for relaxation. It is created to give you the comfort and pleasure that you deserve. With its unique curves it will meet all of your needs. The curves will fit perfectly with your body lines. This is one of the many unique features of Abbraccio bed by Europeo. You are probably wondering where the embracing effect comes from. The bed has a special mechanism that changes the shape of the headboard and the footboard made for fitting perfectly with your body shape.

Abbraccio Bending Bed


The ends of the bed can be folded or curved depending on requirements. And that is not all. Abbraccio continues to surprise us with its functionality and futuristic design thought. This bending bed also has a built-in light system that allows you to read comfortably at night or if you wake up for a midnight chat.

Abbraccio Bending Bed design


This amazing “embracing” bed doesn’t only give you all the pleasure of a good night sleep, it is also very eye-pleasing. The style of the bed is very modern and also very convenient. Its unique curves and astonishing style fits in every bedroom. You can find it in many different colors – white, black, gray, brown and beige. It goes perfectly with luxurious and modern furniture. These cool and modern beds have become a hit with their unique, exceptional design. Europeo knows how to create pure comfort that will fit all of your functional needs. We could say this bending bed by Europeo is not only an embracing bed made for perfect relaxation – it is absolutely a dream bed. Feel free to dream away with Abbraccio.


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