Girls bedroom – colorful and playful design ideas

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The girls bedroom design should be anything but ordinary. It has to be eclectic and colorful it is bound to make your little daughter the happiest girl in the world.A girl’s room doesn’t necessarily have to be only pink. It can be eclectic and bright, it doesn’t have to be too girly or too pretentious. It has to link to your daughter’s unique personality.

Girls bedroom design ideas

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If you want to do something very special for her, create a girls bedroom decor with things that you made yourself. She would love some handmade picture frames with quotes from her favorite songs or with wisdom quotes by famous people. She would really love those, because they will be something special and personal, and as she grows older she would always come back to those moments when she understood those words differently every time she looked at her wall. The furniture can be modern and a little funky looking you can different textures, elements and accessories that will give a nice finishing touch to the design. If you want you can make something special and personal that can become a focal point in the room. For example decorate her desk or her closet. Draw inspiration from her personality and interests.

Creative girls bedroom solutions

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You need an everlasting girls bedroom design? Although the childhood is the shortest period of our lifetime it is the one that sticks the most in our memories. It is the time we go back to more often than any other period of our life. This is why you have to give your little girl the chance to have good memories and to have her place in the world where all those memories will go come back to her.Keep in mind that as she grows her personality will change a bit and her interests too, she will always remain close to that colorful, bright and lovely environment that you have created for her.

Chic, fashion-inspired girls bedroom design

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Wonderfully incorporated textures and elements

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