Bedroom design – Chic and warm decor for him and for her

chic elegant bedroom design idea

Welcome to the most incredible bedroom design solutions, created entirely to suit every individual needs. Discover the details that make the most intimate interior space of our home more feminine or more masculine – the finest modern and chic décor with exceptional choice of colors and themes.

 Lovely creative bedroom design ideas for him and for her

Do you want to know what makes a bedroom design more appropriate for him or for her? The choice of details today varies… Although you may think that flowers and cushions are appropriate only for “her bedroom” you may find a nice vase with a bouquet of spring flowers in “his bedroom”. You could think that only his bedroom has to be simple and modern but you will see that practicality and simplicity is also a great choice for her. Today there is no such thing as “exclusive for men or for women”, the detailing and styles of the bedroom can include different elements that in the past could have been considered either more masculine or feminine but the modern knowledge and development in interior design prove otherwise.

Let’s start with HIS bedroom 

expansive luxurious masculine bedroom design

Take a look at this modern bedroom design. The soft, masculine tones and textures, as well as the monogramed detail pieces give a sense of masculinity. However you can see that a vase with flowers is not excluded.This bedroom design is more edgy and extravagant. It is eclectic and artistic, yet it is mixed with some traditional elements. It is definitely a fantastic example of a masculine bedroom.

Masculine bedroom with playful design

A little more infantile in a good way, this bedroom is perfectly appropriate for an adventurer or a person who just likes to live in playground. It is modern and absolutely gorgeous. The contrast between bright red and a little edge and contrast to the darker tones.

incredibly lovely chalkboard creative bedrom design

Although it looks a little bit strange, this chalkboard idea is actually very innovative and doesn’t show any lack of style, and especially when it is mixed with exceptional furniture choices.

ocean inspired creative masculine design bedroom solution

As you see so far, masculine bedroom design doesn’t lack of sense of humor, futurity and theme ideas. However a man’s imagination can literarily go overboard. Check out this ocean-themed bedroom design. Everything from the floor to the ceiling is filled with ocean-theme details. That’s pretty impressive.

masculine creative bedroom design idea

Who says that men are not sentimental? The next bedroom design shows some exceptional vintage detailing mixed with very artistic solutions. This is an example of aristocracy and romance, which are not so rare qualities in men.

innovative rustic design solution masculine bedroom

Rustic modern designs that bring the village atmosphere and give us the feeling of modern comfort are a wonderful bedroom solution. Especially for a man who likes to spend time in more natural environment. Check out these lovely rustic elements and rustic furnishing. It is adorable and masculine at the same time.

expansive grey luxurious bedroom masculine design

Royalty and chicness go hand in hand in the next bedroom design solution. If you want to live like a king you need a bedroom that suits your majesty. Take a look at the expensive furnishing and luxurious details. The choice of fabrics and shades literarily scream “I’m royal.”

Modern masculine bedroom

This bedroom is as masculine as you could think of because of the exceptional choice of leather and patterned wallpaper. It is modern and sophisticated at the same time. The dark colors in contrast with more delicate tones on some of the features show severity and subtlety.

Now let’s check out HER bedroom

 creative vintage girls bedroom design idea

The first bedroom design is a perfect example of a romantic feminine intimate space that literary sends us to another world. With its vintage and cute, antique features, filled with romance, it probably sends us back in time to the world of Jane Austen. Again we see some monogramed features but this time in a very feminine way. This room is perfectly appropriate for a dreamer, a girl who likes to step into the looking glass more often.

traditional creative feminine bedroom furniture floral elements

Flowers are a very common motif in the female bedroom theme design. Here they are used in a traditional way and create a lovely and sophisticated, classy interior. The clean white walls and the expansive windows give a sense of more space and air, which is always preferable than having an overwrought interior.

her bedroom design idea lovely creative expansive idea

This bedroom design is inspired by nature. With its earthy tones and bamboo features it gives a nice feeling of being connected with nature. And that is also complemented by the choice of contrast colors such as light green, light purple and orange. They give the room a more cheerful atmosphere.

creative chic lovely design idea

This bedroom is all about elegance, delicacy and innocence. The soft cream tones and the exquisite furnishing give a warm feeling of security and love. The feminine touch comes from the sun-shaped mirror feature, flower decoration, luxurious fabrics, and sophisticated picture frames.

Feminine as you can imagine – this bedroom is what every woman dreams off. Baby blue and pink mixed with delicate beige color give a nice feeling of intimacy and cleanness. The floral decorative elements and the gorgeous lamps only compliment this gorgeous interior.

incredibly chic bedroom design idea feminine design

Let’s get serious and check out this luxurious lovely classy bedroom. With an enormous light pink-toned headboard made of exceptional quality, king-size bed and wonderful classy, luxurious furnishing and elements this room is definitely designed for royalty.

chic eclectic bedroom solution

A lovely combination between pink and peach color tones and metal ornaments and furniture – this room definitely has a glow on its own.  Its unique design is modern and yet gives the sentimental sensation of romance. It is very delightful and cheerful.

bedroom design ideas her creative interior

This is another exaggerated headboard but this time in the classy combination of black and white. The black border gives a lovely contrast to the white interior and dark brown flooring. The pink cushions and elements give that feminine touch. Everything is in perfect balance.

innovative feminine urban style bedroom design compact area

The last bedroom is a combination of luxury, sophistication, modernity and artistry. It is not boldly feminine but it has its girly charm. At the same time it is very artistic and modern and chic. This room is perfectly adequate for an uptown-girl with artistic hobbies.

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