Original and fun sleeping bag designs – the Shark sleeping bag

shark sleeping bag cute funny sleeping bags plush

The sleeping bag is a part of the equipment of every mountaineer or fan of camping. Some people buy their sleeping bags driven by pure practicality.

chumbuddy sleeping bag shark bag fun ideas

There is another category of people, who search for original ideas and think that even a trivial thing like a sleeping bag can be exciting and cool.

cute sleeping bags designs shark bag

Designed by Kendra Philips, and one of the funniest sleeping bags, the Shark sleeping bag is unusual, funny and impressive.

The Shark sleeping bag – do you have a sense of humor?

shark sleeping bag plush sleeping bag by Kendra Phillips

How many people do you know who would want to spend a few hours in the mouth of a shark? Not many, right?

shark sleeping bag idea chumbuddy by kendra phillips

Their opinion will definitely change when they see the Shark sleeping bag. It does require a good sense of humor to get caught between the teeth of a huge shark and call it “fun”.

cool sleeping bags designs Shark sleeping bag

Luckily, it is, actually a lot of fun. Shark sleeping bag is a handmade sleeping bag crafted by natural materials. It is as functional as any traditional sleeping bag with an additional feeling of fun.

 The Shark sleeping bag – the perfect gift for every child

chumbuddy shark sleeping bag creative gift ideas

It is the children that will appreciate the idea of a Shark sleeping bag as it can be also a soft toy for young adventurers and they would be happy to play with sharks.

shark chumbuddy sleeping bag cute sleeping bags

Kids love to experiment and they are almost afraid of nothing, and if they do have a fear of animals, it disappears when they are free to play with plush predators that they never bite.

chumbuddy shark sleeping bag amusing sleeping bags ideas

And this cute shark is both – an original, interesting and unusual gift and a useful bedding set. What could be cooler than that?

 sharks bag cool sleeping bags

Plush sleeping bag Shark bag funny sleeping bag designs



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