Scandinavian bedroom furniture – how to create a spectacular interior?

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Scandinavian bedroom furniture is inevitably connected with the Scandinavian style as a design trend. Bedrooms decorated in Scandinavian style, always looks fresh and original.

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Many fans of minimalism also value Scandinavian style for its simple lines and pure colors.

Scandinavian bedroom furniture – colors and materials

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Scandinavian bedroom furniture and interiors in Scandinavian style are famous and cherished for the strict forms, lines and balance of elements.

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Accessories are a rarity as they may ruin the balance. Beds, sofas and cabinets are made of wood and the fabrics are mainly natural – linen, cotton, etc.

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Bedroom furniture and interiors in Scandinavian style follow one simple rule – less is better than more and clutter is absolutely intolerable.


scandinavian bedroom furniture minimalist bedroom ideas

Bright, rich accents – carpets, pillows, bedspread, upholstery add texture and individuality in the design. However, the decoration must be minimal, so you need to be careful not to overdo it.

 Scandinavian bedroom furniture ideas

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Scandinavian bedroom furniture has simple, straight, clean lines. It is practical and functional and reliable.

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Furniture is made of natural wood, usually with a light color – birch beech, pine or spruce are the most popular species.

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Beds, wardrobes, chests have simple, unpretentious forms and as to decoration –it is either missing or minimal.

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Since light is very important in Scandinavian style, bedroom furniture is designed in a way that it allows as much light as possible in the room.

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Plenty of shelves, drawers or niches, which are convenient to store different belongings are much more preferred than massive wardrobes.

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If you want to be certain that your bedroom furniture is in Scandinavian style you have to take into account the following criteria – natural wood, light color, simple form, functionality.

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Evaluating each piece of furniture according to these criteria, you can easily choose what you need, and easily create your Scandinavian style bedroom interior.

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