Interior decisions and ideas for furnishing a bathroom


Minimalist bathroom furnishing

Characteristic specification in bathroom furnishing is the often shift in trends. At the same time a specific recognition in style is present, which never changes and stays in the basis of designer decisions. Matching classical and contemporary style ideas is done for the purpose of creating a modern furnished bathroom with aesthetically selected interior and functionality.



Contemporary bathroom with two bathtubs


The first thing, which should be taken into account when furnishing a bathroom, is the special dependability. If the room is at least average in size, both a shower and a bath-tub can be placed for better convenience. In order to take full advantage of the area available, their alignment needs to be well thought out.

Shower and bathtub


Rain shower and bathtub in modern bathroom

An appropriate place for the shower is the farther corner of the room, while the bathtub can be placed in the middle of the room, or the near end of the opposing wall. The compact structure of the shower is essential, so there will be sufficient space left in the central part of the place. The goal is achieving a functional, ergonomic and elegant outlook to the room’s design.

Bathroom interior


Modern minimalist bathroom interior

The colour range is an interesting element of the general interior composition. Deciding to combine the classic white colour with different colours can give intriguing results. Light and pastel tones are often chosen, as they are a good way of giving the atmosphere a harmonious appeal. For specific components the black colour is used, which underlines their design.


Modern bathroom lighting and vanity

The choice of tiles is of first hand importance, because they are the aspect, which connects the separate interior element in a single composition. If you prefer the traditional single colour tiles, then suitable colour for you would be pearl-white, violet and light green, as well as other soft nuances. The tiles with geometrical decoration should be carefully chosen, so they will correspond to the rest of the interior elements.
In case you choose to paint the walls, light warm tones are a way of establishing a positive tonicity. Equally important for this purpose is the lighting. Yellow colour light is best for centre lighting. A separate white coloured lamp can be placed over the mirror for better visibility. The small decoration details are the last step to creating an aesthetic interior plan.

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