Floor and walls coverings for the bathroom


Minimalist bathroom design

The choice of floor and wall coverings for the bathroom is important for achieving maximal comfort. Terracotta and faience tiles are the best way to make this happen. The nature’s laws shouldn’t be disregarded and contrasting colours should be chosen, if the intention is to widen the visual area. Correlating colours is also an important moment when making decisions. If you would wish to achieve a light reflecting effect, the tiles you choose need to have frosted surface. There are types of tiles – terracotta and granite, which can be suitable for both the floor and wall alike.

Glazed bathroom tiles design


Wonderful glazed bathroom tiles design

Faience tiles are the traditional choice for wall covering. More and more people, however, seek diversity and substitute faience with bathroom wall-papers, or instead decide to paint the walls. Bathroom wall-papers should be moisture resistant and washable, while the type of paint should be suitable for wet places. There are hydro isolation sets on the market, which can be of big help to maintain the different surfaces from the moisture aftermath. If the bathroom is large, experimenting with the style of configuration is possible. This will also reflect the choice of coverings. In case there is room for a relaxation zone, the place will be divided in two parts – a dry one and a wet one.

Green tiles bathroom design


Contemporary green tiles bathroom design

This means that a suitable dry covering should be picked out for the dry part of the room. This way terracotta and parquet, for instance, can both be present in the confines of a single room. If there is place for a clothes closet, situated in one of the corners of the bathroom, then the wooden structure should be moisture sustainable, which can be achieved through special treatment. Wood structures, situated in saunas, are all treated this way, however, not all kinds of wood have the necessary characteristics to be used for places with high moisture levels.

Modern bathroom design


Modern bathroom design

The African black tree, the spruce and white pine are commonly used for both saunas and bathrooms, as well as all other placed with high moisture levels. When choosing a type of covering for a wet place, the choice should be made according to the capability of maintaining a high standard of hygiene, a high level of moisture resistance and good convenience, not least is the beautiful outlook to the place.
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Stylish lighting bathroom interior design


Stylish lighting bathroom interior design

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