Bathtubs design for an exceptional bathing experience

uxury bathroom design marble tiles cream freestanding bathtub

Bathtubs no longer belong only to the bathroom. A bathtub is often used in rooms that do not have the typical features of a bath. Many people place the tub as an addition to the bedroom, because it promotes a new lifestyle. Designers from around the world deal with shapes and colors to create the perfect bathtub design. We have collected 25 freestanding bathtubs to show you the variety in shapes, colors and design.

 Bathtubs design -the perfect form, color and shape

Walnut freestanding bathtub bedroom furniture comfortable idea

Bathtubs are produced in a variety of materials – acrylic, wood, glass. You can choose between freestanding or embedded ones, depending on your personal preferences and the room plan. Modern freestanding tubs can be easily installed and connected to the water supply. Their minimalist contours are a great focal point for both a traditional and a modern bathroom. Many manufacturers offer exclusive design solutions for your bathroom, which are characterized by perfect aesthetic and ergonomic features.

 Bathtubs design for the moments of complete relax

luxury bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub black marble effect

Most freestanding bathtubs are designed with minimalist contours. Clean lines are back in fashion. The trends clearly show the return of the minimalist bathtub design – in combination with modern lighting and wall design a white freestanding bathtub is becoming a centerpiece in the bathroom. Round or oval shape depends on the taste of the homeowner. Be inspired by the suggestions in the gallery below and design your own wellness oasis!


white bathroom freestanding bathtub minimalist bathroom furniture

 Small bathroom with a freestanding bathtub

small bathroom ideas vanity freestanding bathtub modern bathroom design

 Minimalist bathroom design

modern freestanding bathtubs rectangular shape minimalist bathroom

 Elegant bathtub design

modern bathtubs design integrated lighting

 Stylish modern bathroom

Modern bathroom design elegant freestanding bathtub

Luxe and chic in a contemporary bathroom

luxury bathroom design stunning freestanding bathtub

Rustic style bathroom design

Bathroom design freestanding bathtub fireplace wood furniture

Minimalist bathtub in black and white

freestanding bathtubs black white Japanese style

The perfect relax

Elegant freestanding bathtubs design contemporary bathroom furniture

modern bathtubs bathroom furniture ideas

bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub wood flooring

bathroom design ideas freestanding bathtub carpet

luxury bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub electronic control

freestanding bathtubs oval shape modern bathrom design

freestanding bathtubs bedroom interior design

freestanding bathtubs bathroom furniture minimalist bathroom design

freestanding bathtub romantic bathroom roses

dream bathroom design modern bathtubs black bathtub

dark bathtub exclusive bathroom furniture white floor tiles

oval freestanding bathtub with decorative flowers

Bathtub hammock creative bathtubs design ideas

bathroom tiles purple gray color floral motifs freestanding bathtub

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