Bathroom sinks ideas – 25 stylish designs for your modern bathroom

beautiful bathroom sink design wave shape

Bathroom sinks demonstrate the style of the homeowner and can be found in a wide variety of designs. Among the abundance of ideas and proposals, it is sometimes difficult to buy a sink just for your bathroom. Which model to choose? Which style? How to determine the optimum size and type of installation? We have collected 25 modern and elegant ideas to help you find your perfect bathroom sink.

Bathroom sinks ideas – size, shape, color and design

wall mount concrete bathroom sinks bathroom furniture ideas

Obviously, the larger the wash basin, the easier to use. Naturally, large bathroom sinks can be installed if the size of the bathroom allows it. In a large bathroom, you may set not one, but two sinks. And this is not a luxury or a whim but purely a practical solution which satisfies the need of both spouses to get ready for work in the morning at the same time. As far as shape is concerned – you can choose from many options. Round, oval or square – it will depend on your taste, the size and style of the bathroom and its overall design. The simple lines and sleek design feature straight shapes. Oval and elongated shapes would also look good in a modern bathroom and sometimes the sink would be the eye catcher in the bathroom.

 Bathroom sinks and bathroom vanities

wooden vanity stone vessel sinks round shape

If you need storage space under the bathroom sinks, then a wash basin with a vanity unit would be the perfect solution for your bathroom. Wall-mounted and pedestal sinks look airy and are more suitable for smaller bathrooms. The materials can vary from glass to natural stone, quartz, concrete, wood and even light concrete. Check out these modern bathroom sinks designs and enjoy the variety of styles, colors and shapes.

bathroom sinks ideas natural stone sink original shape

 A modern vessel sink with integrated lighting

concrete vessel sink hidden lighting contemporary bathroom furniture

 Black sink with original shape

wall mount bathroom sink oval shape black color

 Gorgeous bathroom sink in black and cream colors

modern bathroom sinks ideas natural stone gray cream

Original bathroom furniture

vessel sink design ideas contemporary bathroom furniture

Ultra modern bathroom sink

modern bathroom furniture ideas bathroom sinks

Modern round bathroom sink from natural stone

modern round bathroom sink natural stone gray contemporary bathroom design

Beautiful glass sinks

modern bathroom sinks design gray glass vessel sinks

natural stone vessel sink modern bathroom furniture design

natural stone sink bathroom furniture ideas

modern bathroom sinks minimalist design

modern bathroom sink design natural stone wood shelves

modern bathroom furniture ideas minimalist bathroom design

modern bathroom design bathroom furniture ideas round sinks

extraordinary-glass bathroom sink waterfal effect contemporary bathroom furniture

double sink design idea white sinks black taps

modern bathroom sink rectangular shape

creative bathroom sinks designs modern bathroom furniture

creative bathroom sink designs white sink whirlpool

contemporary bathroom sinks design black marble sink

bathroom design ideas bathroom sink vanity wood

bathroom sinks ideas oval shape wood effect

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