Antique look at modern bathroom

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Antique look at modern bathroom


Modern bathroom with antique look

Trends in interior design are subject to interest from people who have decided to make home repairs or build new housing. Everyone wants to adjust the furniture with the latest views of experts. The bathroom is the most personal space in the home, but also its design must meet the current trends and at the same time it is cozy, comfortable and provide relaxation. Antique look, luxury, minimalism, clean lines, functionality and convenience are the trends for the modern bathroom design. Modern people increasingly want to live and prefer environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient appliances in your home.

Modern bathroom design

Innovative technology combines perfectly with replicas of antique furniture and taps into the modern bathroom. Additional option is they can be recycled. New items in retro style are increasingly finding themselves in the modern home. In many homes the bathroom is used cast iron sink with antique look, beautiful mirror with inlays of gold leaf, large bath with gold legs and even more preferred jacuzzi wood that resembles the old baths. Tiles on the wall in pearl, gold or silver make room luxurious and elegant. Interesting decorative elements, natural materials and pastel colors are the trends for a modern bathroom.

Marble bathroom design

Preferred materials for the bathroom are old stone and wood. The market offers a great stone and wooden sinks and tubs that make a unique and stylish bathroom. Very typical in modern bathrooms is the separation of soul and bath curtains or glass screens. They are very popular and shower. They come in different shapes and colors and can find no place in any bathroom. Their advantage is that they are compact, have built-in devices such as hydromassage panel and radio.

Modern bathroom with antique furnishing


Modern bathroom with antique furnishing

Provided even seating and a foot bath. Modern technology can be covered with beautiful antique details. Beautiful bathroom items in retro style can be found in antique shops. Recycled old tub or sink creates a unique atmosphere in the room. Quality replicas of old furniture and accessories produced by modern companies. Antique design is combined with new technologies and makes the room nice and functional.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Antique bathroom furnishing

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