Weird but convenient bathroom


Modern bathroom with library

Bathroom interior design ideas become more and more weird nowadays.

It is weird that exactly this part of our homes comes in such strange shapes, furnished with so extra ordinary elements and mostly – decorated with eccentric ornaments. Weird or not – bathroom must be always convenient at first and then maybe elegant, vanguard or unusual. We would to like to suggest you a conception for, probably, most convenient bathroom in the whole rich world of the interior design. Meanwhile it completes the standard for weirdness and originality.

Bathroom with book shelves


Bathroom interior with book shelves

Looks like a living room at first sight and reminds of bedroom after realizing the main idea, this bathroom is a response to all your needs. Besides it is neat, comfortable and attracts your attention especially you are fond of untraditional ways of expressing your personality. Do not worry – this bathroom consists of all stuffs you need in a normal bathroom. Although it is full of pieces of furniture and a whole library, we find a tub, WC and even shelves for arranging the cosmetics and towels.

Stylish bathroom interior design

All this furniture is constructed from solid marble, finest ceramic and delicate plastic – white colors for neutrality. We need that neutrality because attractive elements in the room are all borrowed from living room and bedroom furniture. The library is set for book-lovers and for rest-lovers. That is why books are leant near at hand – next to the tub.

Minimalist bathroom interior design


Minimalist bathroom interior design

Read as much as you wish, nobody pushes you – take the time you need and have some rest – everybody needs it, the way everybody needs to read at least one book per week. Secure yourself with tender lyrics, crime novels and psychological readings. On the shelves – next to the books – put some aromatic candles and glass knick-knacks. Picture is not finished without the rocking chair. Its retro style is combined with soft Persian damask that can warm even the coldest heart. I have no idea who this chair is put for but without it the interior design is wasted. Sometimes, an adequate element is the most important thing in a conception, sometimes meanings of things come a little bit later after we had done, said and felt them.

Contemporary bathroom interior design


Contemporary bathroom interior design

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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