The colors in the modern bathroom


Modern bathroom interior

The choice of colors in the bathroom depends on how people comfort, their attitude towards the interior.

Decision which will have shades of the room determines whether residents prefer traditional or are willing to experiment with cutting-edge projects. An important condition is to be approached with sensitivity and color to comply with the size and brightness of the bathroom. When owners are not sure the outcome is better to seek the advice of the designer.

Small bathroom


Small bathroom design

The main objective in designing a small bathroom is insufficient space to appear spacious and luxurious. In this case, white color is a good solution. It makes the room more. Suitable and bathrooms without natural lighting. A sense of coldness and sterility, which suggests the white color can be successfully overcome with colorful accessories. Bright accents give the mood in the room and break the atmosphere.

White bathroom interior

The white color in the bathroom can be combined with black, and the result is a classic style. Additional space will become a luxury, if two colors are separated with a beautiful frieze. The neutral tones of cream, beige and taupe are popular, as are well taken. Many people prefer to be surrounded by earth colors. Some do not accept even blue and green in the bathroom because of the coldness that broadcast. Others like their calming effects.

Contemporary bathroom interior


Contemporary bathroom interior with pastel colors

According to leading interior designers colors are crucial to create different moods. Using a wide range of color palette set lifestyle. The fashion trend is more color in the bathroom. Diversity makes people feel good in any room. It should be selected with the measure does not become home in the circus tent.Overflowing diversity is justified primarily in the bathroom to the nursery. A good idea is to provoke children painted panels of the door and the bathroom cabinet, glass window. So small inhabitants of the house will create its own space. Patterns can be updated according to the season or holidays occurring depending on the wishes of children.

Iridescent color decoration


Bathroom with iridescent color decoration

An interesting idea is to use tiles in iridescent colors with pearl luster. They change color in different light. For them even the white walls give shades of turquoise, peach or lavender. This makes the bathroom in a different part of each day. In contemporary design suitable accents of stone and glass. Marble and granite suggest a sense of luxury and stylish glass sink in the bathroom and refracts sunlight creates a mood.

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