Purple minimalistic bathroom

Posted on 13/11/2011 Author: . Under: Bathroom

Purple minimalistic bathroom



Purple minimalist bathroom with fireplace

Interior designer`s job is to transfer your home from a place where you live in a place you feel both – safe and fantastic and enjoy a beautiful bathroom. That is why these people are trying to convince you to make some extraordinary decisions about their homes.
An exclusive decision, for example, could be to create a purple minimalistic bathroom and decorate it with extravagant elements. As a color purple symbolizes power and majesty.

Purple bathroom design


So if you want to put exactly this accent in the bathroom make it darker and contrast with black elegant handles for the door. Light purple will suit your minimalistic bathroom, too. Try with purple terracotta and dark purple walls or with white flooring coupled with light purple mosaic walls. Such walls will suit to plastic curtains for the shower bin or curtains that surround your private pleasant moments in the enormous marble bath.

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