Original ideas for the bathroom design


Modern bathroom furnishing

To have the opportunity to visit a spa, to have procedures with fragrant oils and other therapeutic treatments is a dream for most people during the stressful work day. The possibility of all this occurring in your home exists if you use original ideas in the bathroom furnishing.The steam shower-cabinet, the home sauna, the Jacuzzi can make one’s dream come true. An interesting idea is that the standard porcelain trough be replaced with a glass one and the covering underneath it be reminiscent of the green grass in the garden. If the home masters have their own yard, with a French window or a sliding door they can let the garden into their bathroom with the fragrances of nature.

Modern corner bathtub


Modern corner bathtub

If the place isn’t big enough, some of the plans can still be realized if coordinated correctly. Part of the bathroom’s space can be used for the sink with the drawers around it. Also added can be a corner bathtub, not taking up too much space, which could have a hydro massage property. The rest of the place can have dry covering and light sofas, chairs, or benches for relaxation. Part of the place can be used as a clothes closet with everything needed for the every day tasks in the bathroom stored in it.

Modern bathroom


Modern bathroom connected with bedroom

More and more often the bathroom is being made a part of the bedroom, separated with a glass sliding door. The inconvenience is that this may disturb the other person in the bedroom. It is therefore more suitable if it is a single bedroom.When it comes to a non-standardized bathroom furnishing, there are two main conditions for it to be successful – solitude and individuality.

Contemporary bathroom furnishing


Contemporary bathroom furnishing

The individuality of the bathroom says a lot about the personality of the owners. Those, who prefer a cheerful design with various colours, are dynamic and positive people. Those, who like soft nuances and simple lines, have a tense work day and prefer to relax away from the tension of every day life.Regardless whether you have a dynamic or calm personality, everyone needs some resting time and this can be achieved by the non-standard way of furnishing and equipping the bathroom.

Minimalist shower area


Minimalist shower area

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