Glass in the bathroom


Bathroom with glass wall interior

Presence of glass in home interior is more than elegant or luxury. It brings pure sensation into home atmosphere and clears all doubts about your fine taste in furnish and construction. And there is no other room that could be a greater symbol of neatness and cleanness than bathroom. Cool and fresh, tidy and perfectly hygienic, bathrooms fresh us up after a long day in the office, cool us down after scandals, argues or other unpleasant incidents that happen to us and transform us into new people when we really need some rest or invigoration.

Contemporary bathroom glass interior


Contemporary bathroom glass interior design

Bathroom looks incredibly luxurious with glass elements in it. But bathroom made all of glass makes the impression of genuine perfection. Playing with the water game everywhere, glass can purify your soul for ten minutes while you are taking your morning shower. The lack of color is balanced with the stylish atmosphere in the transparent world, created in your home, in your own bathroom.

Minimalist glass bathroom furnishing


Minimalist glass bathroom furnishing

Choose furniture made only by glass and extra needed materials as steel and iron. Grey and white steel and iron could be the only little elements in the interior for glass bathroom. They will come to an eye, so, do not be scrooge when you choose handles for doors or taps for the sink. Sink is also made from glass in a shape of big plate. Hang some simple with no frame or decorations mirror. Shower cabin is not covered by any needless curtains. It is only surrounded by glass soap boxes and cosmetics in a glass box.

Stylish glass bathroom interior


Stylish glass bathroom interior design

Floor in the glass bathroom is made by white terracotta or some silver neutral pavement that can easily unite with the main theme. Towers and cosmetics for everyday use are ranged tidily on the glass shelves that surround all walls in the room. Everything is perfectly arranged – the way sellers dress the windows in their shops. For decoration you may put some decorative glass fountain in the corner of the bathroom. Its design must be simple, but water – well spread.

Colorful glass bathroom interior


Colorful glass bathroom interior

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