Functional and comfortable bathroom


Modern bathroom design

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in modern homes. It reflects the style of the people, understanding their comfort, their sense of personal space.

The interior of modern bathroom is subject to convenience and relaxation.Modern construction of larger homes planned two or more bathrooms in the house depending on the number of bedrooms. This option is optimal, but still rare. In most of the apartments and single room is not always large enough. This implies the design to rely on the compactness of the space to create coziness and warmth. Just because space is not big enough, does not mean that it can not create an environment for relaxation.

Bathroom with tub and shower


Bathroom with tub and shower

The market offers a beautiful and functional hot tubs and showers. The choice depends on the size of the room. Designers are often advised to extend the old bathroom at the expense of the adjacent room to make room for a bath. Moving the wall and plumbing is expensive and difficult work, but the end result is wonderful and worth the effort. Upgrading makes the room more comfortable and increase property value.

Bathroom with mounted cabinets

The modern interior provides mounted cabinets, which will be harvested brushes and toothpaste, detergents and medicines. This will create space and clarity. The cabinet must be consistent with the color of the tiles. It can be solved in the same hue, but an interesting idea and contrast. Metallic sheen of the soul and tap water will stand out well against the tiles.The choice of tile is dependent on both the planned budget, kata and illuminance of the room.

Marble bathroom interior


Marble bathroom interior

Classic is lined in marble bathroom. Expensive stone conveys luxury. The same effect is achieved, however, and with cheaper materials. Interesting solutions is the use of wood in the bathroom. It can be set as wall paneling, after pre-treatment against moisture. Great solution is the installation of a wooden tub .. It is, however, moderate use of wood in the bathroom, lest it look like a sauna.

Bathroom flooring


Modern bathroom flooring

The modern bathroom is no longer only have room for personal hygiene. It has become a cozy area. Besides the beauty of the room must reflect on its safety. Error laying wiring can cause a fatal accident. When choosing flooring should also be approached carefully to avoid slippery tiles.

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