Fashion touches in the bathroom


Tub and mirror in minimalist bathroom

Somehow, quite naturally, the latest trends in this area continue to be predominantly associated with the use of eco materials and other eco products bathroom.

Some of the most advanced solutions are precisely that – a modern toilet facility, which has dual mode of saving water. The market offers all kinds of modern faucets with sensors that remember the preferred water temperature and shower systems with the ability to program personal preferences, which enable to regulate the water flow.
Another “green wave” in the bathroom focuses mainly on the use of renewable materials.

Round mirror minimalist bathroom


Round mirror and wallpaper in minimalist bathroom

Modern society is now fully geared to such materials are recyclable, such as wood (bamboo), natural stone or renovated antique tubs and sinks in bathroom. This of course, is quite expected and understandable, because in fact, we are all fully aware that we should take better care of our environment because it is the only way to preserve it for coming generations.
This is confirmed by another wave of fashion in the bathroom such as the growing sympathy for antique furniture and fittings. This trend was quite stable in 2011 and met a great response in the development of new designer collections for the bathroom.

Blue Italian bathroom design

Therefore, increasingly we can see antique fixtures such as wrought iron, large baths with metal legs and large sink with an antique design in the bathroom of our homes. This is a wonderful and very interesting retro design vision of most new products that are entirely deserved its leading position in modern bathroom design.
Sometimes, these trends serve as a starting point for developing the overall design of the bathroom. Therefore, we will not allow a mistake to say that the use of reinforcement renovated as part of the modern equipment of the bathroom is not only impressive solution, but adds a unique design of the room.

Eco design bathroom furniture


Eco design bathroom furniture

Red decoration minimalist bathroom


Red decoration in minimalist bathroom

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