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Bathroom interior design – Hi Tech Design

Bathroom interior design is seeking for progress as much as the other rooms at home (bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms and living rooms) do. Contemporary ideas for decorations in bathroom change our tradition attitude to this part of the flat or apartment and make us change the main boring line and theme in the WC room. Extra ordinary  furniture with beautiful design and multifunctional purpose are stored next to the shower cabins or in front of the elegant tubs in curved shapes in this bathroom interior design.


Bathroom interior design with shower cabin

The conception of the VIP hi tech bathroom interior design finds itself lots of admirers. The interior design here is a little bit futuristic and very minimalistic. Main accent is in the furniture and the illumination. Luminescent lighting hints at the future centuries when maybe all of us will be able to afford VIP bathroom interior design. Electric green, pink and blue are flashing into our eyes while we are having a bath or taking a shower.

Hi Tech Bathroom Interior Design Idea


Hi Tech Bathroom Interior Design Idea

Lighting games are not the only entertaining thing which can attract our attention here and create some really party mood. This minimalistic bathroom interior design is equipped with all that means for having fun as we are in the living room or even outside the house – in the cinema, in a café or in some night club.

Bathroom with TV set


Hi Tech Bathroom Interior Design Idea

As you see this bathroom has its own DVD system for loud music for those of you who like to dance naked after having a shower. There must be a karaoke option – because most people love singing while they are having a shower. For best relaxation in the minimalistic marble bath save for a tiny place where we can put our drink designers have stipulated TV set.

Hi-tech bathroom interior design


Hi Tech Bathroom Interior Design Idea

The Bathroom Interior design  is simply high-tech. Flooring is terracotta without gaps and the ceiling, itself, is covered with mini lightings sets that shines they way stars are shining. Party atmosphere is exalted with blue shades coming from the main illumination. On the WC we can notice a laptop – who knows, maybe you will need it. After all anybody would like to stay more time than it is needed here.

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