Bathroom design for 2012


The Wood as a central element in the bathroom design

Wonderful minimalism, antique look, functionality and convenience – these are key words for the design of the bathroom in 2012. Here can we add also the organic forms and the colored design.
Here, these are indeed already the new features of the modern bathroom. Of course, decoration of the bathroom and its color scheme continue to play an important role and therefore, to design a comfortable and cozy bathroom, they should not be ignored. Soft colors, natural materials and impressive decorative elements are also an important part of trends that are emerging as leaders for 2012.

Mirrors in the bathroom


Minimalistic Bathroom Design

Bright, fresh and highlighted colors are another approach that is essential in developing the theme in a bathroom for children or teenagers.
Blue, green, yellow and peach are actually great bright colours, which rely many companies that are leading manufacturers of bathroom products.
Wide variety of colors can be seen also in the bathroom details of the glass, and in the mosaic in the bathroom, or waterproof wallpaper patterns.

Bathroom design of 2012


Bathroom design of 2012

Here are this is the way in which it can be furnished an impressive and stylish bathroom.
The colour scheme of the bathroom for adults is more neutral and soothing. Here you can count as a classic white, cream, gold, silver, brown, sandy, but there are very bright colours that will also be very useful in the role of interesting decor accents. These are some colors such as pale green, blue, black, elegant red. The materials are natural, like stone and wood are naturally among the most preferred.
An incredible selection of ceramic tile, colourful mosaics, and glass and chrome surfaces can also provide you with countless possibilities for decorating the bathroom.

Black in the bathroom


Hardwood Bathroom with minimalistic elements

Especially characteristic for the appearance of the modern bathroom is shaping, and fragmentation of the enclosure area for shower or bath with glass partitions. The growth of interest in this decision is very typical in recent years because the bathroom follows clean lines of the modern design, which should be both stylish and functional.
Glass tile mosaic, wall panels or framed mirrors, and accessories made from natural stone, all play an extremely important role and contributes to the artistic look of bathroom space. With pearls, gold or silver shade of tiles lining the walls accordingly you can add even more luxury in your bathroom.

Colors in the bathroom


Unusual Modern bathroom design

Sinks and baths in bathroom with natural stone or those, which are painted in bright colors to stand out better among the rest of the interior, really can shape in one individual and diverse way, the look of this room and just make it unique.
Therefore, as mentioned earlier, if we need to identify just a few words trends for the bathroom, then these words are actually – minimalism, luxury and functionality.

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