Modern bathroom colors – 50 Ideas how to decorate your bathroom

modern bathroom colors black bathroom design ideas contemporary bathroom

Many people prefer painting the walls of their bathroom instead of using tiles. The choice of modern bathroom colors of is so vast, that you can have any shade especially when we talk about bathroom wall decor ideas. Whether you opt for tiles in different shades or for wall paint, we will show you how colors can create a different atmosphere. Check the gallery below and choose your color as you will see harmonious color combinations, contrast combinations ideas how to combine wall paint with tiles, and each bathroom has a special charm and character. When choosing the color for your bathroom, you need to follow some simple rules which will make sure that the final result will meet your criteria and reflect your good taste. The color should match (or contrast) to the color of the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. You can enhance the color or the contrast with different accessories – shelves, soap dishes, towel rails, laundry baskets – but the colors should be in harmony. Unusual color combinations and contrasting design of the walls are more suitable for large bathrooms while pastel colors – blue, soft green, white, pale pink, beige are a better choice for small bathrooms.

Modern bathroom colors – bathroom designs in gray and black

modern-bathroom colors grey bathroom wall 3d wall tiles pendants

Despite the fact that very often black and gray are used and recommended as modern bathroom colors, they should be used with care. It is best to select black and dark gray shades only for an accent wall, or in combination with a bright color. Dark colors look much more attractive when contrast combinations with white, beige, red or neutral tones.


Modern bathroom design grey tiles wood flooring white sinks

modern bathroom colors trendy gray bathroom wall floor tiles red accents

modern bathroom colors grey tiles white vanity freestanding tub

modern bathroom colors dark light gray shades bathroom furniture

minimalist monochrome bathroom modern bathroom colors dark gray wall paint


Modern bathroom colors – red and orange tones

modern bathroom colors red bathroom designs white freestanding tub crystal chandelier

Red color radiates passion, especially if you chose a warm nuance. However, it can be really bold and strong and if you want to make a statement – red is your color! It is eye catching, with strong individuality and can look really dramatic.

luxury bathroom red wall color white tub crystal chandelier

 elegant modern bathroom colors dark red wall black vanity

modern bathroom ideas red bathroom wall paint ideas contemporary furniture

In the modern bathroom colors palette you will find different shades of orange and yellow. These colors give a bright and light atmosphere to the bathroom and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

orange bathroom color modern bathroom design white vessel sink

bathroom design orange accent wall white sink modern bathroom color ideas

bathroom colors orange bathroom ideas chic bathroom design white sink

bathroom colors warm orange wall color dark wood vanity cabinet

yellow bathroom wall color freestanding tub clawfoot tub wood flooring

bright vibrant yellow bathroom colors ideas modern bathroom

bathroom colors ideas yellow wall paint brown wall and floor tiles black chandelier

Salmon color, just as pink, will give the interior a touch of romance and a very special exotic flair. Romantic and stylish – the colors are suitable for girls’ bathrooms.

pastel colors bathroom colors ideas orange wall color dark wood vanity white countertop

pastel colors pink bathroom modern furniture silver bathtub

Trendy bathroom colors – choose different shades of blue for your walls


contemporary-bathroom ideas modern bathroom colors blue bathroom design white vanity

With different shades of blue you can create an attractive ambience in the bathroom. Darker tones of blue look elegant and classy with a certain touch of glamour. Lighter shades of blue bring a feeling of beach and vacation. They are especially suitable for small bathrooms because they make the space look bright and light.

modern bathroom design wall color ideas marine blue beige

modern bathroom colors turquoise blue white freestanding tub skylight

modern bathroom colors aqua blue bathroom wall tiles

classic bathroom white vanity cabinet blue wall color

Turquoise and teal are ideal colors for accent walls if you want to add a Mediterranean or exotic flair to the interior. The colors remind of tropical beaches and will give you a relaxing atmosphere.


teal bathroom wall paint white freestanding tub round wall mirror

small bathroom paint colors teal wall paint white furniture

small bathroom colors teal wall paint white subway wall tiles

modern bathroom wall colors teal accent wall blue wall tiles oriental pattern

Perhaps the green is not one of the most popular choices but it all depends on how you use and combine the colors. Green is connected with spring, freshness and Nature and is a wonderful accent color while the pastel shades will add a splendid touch to your bathroom.


modern bathroom colors green tiles white freestanding tub

small bathroom color choice green accent wall white subway tiles white furniture

modern bathroom colors elegant green wall color clawfoot tub silver feet

contemporary bathroom design green wall color black vanity cabinet wall mirror

A bathroom purple will always look expensive and tasteful. The color has so many shades – lavender, lilac, tender pastels or strong and bold hues – that you can play with the tones to create a feeling of freshness and elegance or an atmosphere of sophisticated luxury.


small bathroom design ideas small bathroom colors purple accent wall white vanity cabinet

modern bathroom design ideas purple wall color fascinating wall tiles floral pattern

modern bathroom colors lavender bathroom stylish elegant bathroom

modern bathroom colors elegant bathroom design purple wall paint white vanity cabinet

minimalist bathroom design modern purple wall color white vanity

elegant purple gray bathroom design white furniture orchids white chair

contemporary bathroom design beautiful purple bathroom ideas white sink wall mirror


Neutral color palette – a calm and inviting bathroom


modern bathroom colors brown color shades chic bathroom interior design ideas

To create a modern bathroom you can turn to the classic neutral colors. Although modern bathroom colors are usually more bold and striking, it is up to your personal perception and if you want an intimate and attractive bathroom, the neutral colors are your best choice. White, beige, brown, the lightest shades of gray and brown will give you an elegant and stylish bathroom. If you feel a need for more color – use accessories and color accents – vases, candles, rugs, etc.

modern bathroom colors chocolate brown wall color wood flooring

modern bathroom colors brown bathroom ideas contemporary bathroom

contemporary bathroom design brown wall color beige flooring

modern bathroom colors white bathrooms bathroom interior ideas minimalist bathroom design ideas

modern bathroom colors white bathroom ideas white vanity

modern bathroom colors elegant white bathroom interior design white bathtub

Striped patterns can be used to either accent on the elegance of the bathroom design or create a harmonious atmosphere. It all depends on the colors you choose for your striped walls. If you opt for stronger colors, it is advisable that you use them on an accent wall. Softer and pastel colors are unobtrusive and can be used on all the walls.


bathroom design decoration ideas black and white wall stripes white sink

chic bathroom design ideas wall stripes neutral colors white beige interior


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