Bathroom mirrors – 25 ideas, types and designs for your bathroom

Modern bathroom design ideas lighted mirror contemporary vanity

Bathroom mirrors can be divided into several main groups – vanity mirrors, mirror cabinets, wall mirrors and each of these groups has sub-groups and that’s how we get a wide classification. Honestly, you do not even need to bother if a bathroom mirror with light belongs to this or that group. What is more important is that it is functional, practical, that it matches the decor of your bathroom and last, but not least – that you like it!


Bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets

bathroom mirror cabinets small bathroom design ideas red wall white tiles

Bathroom mirrors contemporary cabinets cabinets are space saving and practical. They have the double role of bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets. In fact, a mirror cabinet in the bathroom is a great advantage – but before a quick purchase, we recommend you to measure the wall, think about what you will use in the cabinet and how many shelves / cabinet doors you need. Determine the best position for the mirror cabinet so that all family members have access. The appropriate lighting is of great importance. Mount a wall sconce above the cabinet or buy cabinets with integrated LED lighting. Of course, the material is also important when you choose your bathroom mirror cabinets. Experts advise that the mirror frame and the cabinet material should be the same.

 Types of bathroom mirrors

framed bathroom mirrors vanity mirrors ornate frame

The design of your bathroom will define the type of your bathroom mirrors – you will have to choose between Venetian mirrors, framed mirrors, lighted mirrors, vanity mirrors, etc, etc. It can be really confusing so we shall say a few quick words to help you. The Venetian mirrors are designed with a frame etched into the glass. The frame is ornate and adds a romantic touch to the bathroom. Lighted mirrors have a built-in lighting around the frame and are widely used in contemporary bathroom designs. Vanity mirrors are small and designed to sit on countertops. They may have built-in lights for extra illumination when applying makeup. Framed bathroom mirrors are presented in numerous styles – classic, contemporary, ornate and although the design concept is simple, they have a great decorative value in the bathroom.


Pear shaped bathroom wall mirror modern bathroom furniture design

Small bathroom mirror cabinet idea

modern small bathroom furniture design ideas vanity mirror cabinet

 Mirror cabinets with lighting

modern bathroom double vanity mirror cabinets

 Modern red bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture red bathroom mirror cabinets ideas modern practical compact

 Luxury bathroom design with two vanity mirrors

Luxury bathroom design framed vanity mirrors seating carpet

 Decorative frames on the vanity mirrors

framed bathroom mirrors vanity mirrors bathroom wall sconces

 A decorative wall mirror in the bathroom

framed bathroom mirrors bathroom vanity mirrors round mirror decorative frame

 White romantic frame on the wall mirror

framed bathroom mirrors bathroom vanity mirrors

 Beautiful wall sconces and frame of the bathroom mirror

framed bathroom mirrors bathroom vanity mirrors Mediterranean style bathroom

white bathroom design bathrom mirrors ideas bathroom vanity mirrors

cool modern bathroom mirror cabinets contemporary bathroom design ideas

contemporary bathroom design bathroom mirror cabinets ideas

Beach style bathroom design framed bathroom mirror sea stars

bathroom vanity mirrors bathroom mirror ideas double vanity

bathroom vanity mirror ideas powder room mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirror free standing tub walk in shower

bathroom mirrors vanity mirrors bathroom wall sconces traditional bathroom

Bathroom mirrors design ideas contemporary bathroom furniture

bathroom mirror cabinet walk in shower contemporary bathroom

bathroom mirror cabinets vanity mirrors white bathroom furniture

bathroom mirror cabinets Asian style bathroom

bathroom furniture design white bathroom mirror cabinet white vanity


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