What is a vanity, how to choose a vanity style and design?

what is a vanity how to choose a vanity traditional bathroom vanity wall mirrors

Hardly anyone does not know the answer of the question – what is a vanity? We all use it and it has been a part of the bathroom furniture for many years. It is one of the most functional and practical pieces of furniture which offers the opportunity to keep all the different belongings, brushes, creams, etc in the bathroom.


What is a vanity and what are the main vanity types?

what is a vanity how to choose a vanity floating vanity contemporary bathroom

The most common answer to the question What is a vanity would be that it is a cabinet that sits under the sink. In general, bathroom vanities are designed to support the sink, hide the plumbing and provide storage space. Bathroom vanities can be floating, wall mounted or traditional. However, in terms of styles and designs, vanities differ widely.

shabby chic bathroom vanity wooden table bathroom decoration ideas

They can be in any style – modern, rustic, minimalist, art deco – and the diversity is wide in sizes and shapes as well. The market offers compact designs, suitable for small bathrooms, large vanities which provide a lot of storage space, vanities with modern straight lines or beautiful curves, with additional shelves or storage cabinets.

what is a vanity how to choose a vanity contemporary bathroom furniture

Double vanities are quite trendy and many people opt for that type of vanity so that two people can use the bathroom at the same time and in the hectic morning hours when everyone rushes to get ready for the day – a double vanity is a great time saver.


What is a vanity and how to choose the right vanity?

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Now, that we gave an answer to the question – What is a vanity – here are some useful tips how to choose the right vanity for the bathroom. One of the most important considerations would be the size of the bathroom as it will define the size and shape of the vanity cabinet. You need to carefully consider the proportions so that the vanity is not too large or too small.

Wooden vanity cabinet ceramic sink traditional bathroom furniture

The style of the bathroom interior is the second important factor which has to be taken into consideration. An ornate vanity will look out of place in modern minimalist bathrooms. The type of sink you would like to have is also important. Whether you want a vessel sink or an integrated sink would define the vanity design as well.


what is a vanity how to choose a vanity table bathroom vanity

Modern floating vanity

contemporary bathroom floating vanity led lighting storage cabinets

Antique vanity

what is a vanity how to choose a vanity ornate table vanity framed mirror

Minimalist bathroom with a white floating vanity

modern bathroom furniture white floating vanity led lighting

Small bathroom with a modern vanity unit

what is a vanity how to choose a vanity modern bathroom small vanity storage cabinet

tropical bathroom decor vanity with storage shelf wall mirror

bathroom vanity storage drawers shelves double vanity ideas

small vanity cabinet antique design bathroom furniture ideas

small bathroom design white vanity with storage drawers bathtub wall shelves

bathroom vanity framed mirror bathroom decoration ideas

modern floating vanity with storage cabinets bathroom furniture ideas

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