25 unique designer shower curtains in the bathroom for a good mood

Motive stones balance bathroom shower curtains designs

The shower curtain is a very important decorative element in the bathroom interior. Shower curtains help avoiding splashing water on the floor. In addition, the curtains have an aesthetic function, they create the right atmosphere for privacy and relaxation. If you have not installed glass panels to your shower, shower curtains remain the next best option. A curtain with the matching pattern can change the whole atmosphere in the bathroom – it was funny, elegant or luxurious. These original designer shower curtains are a wonderful option to decorate the bathroom interior. Check out these modern shower curtains with various designs, which will serve as a suitable decoration for the bathroom.

 Designer shower curtains with various designs and creative decorative motifs

unique designer shower curtains ideas contemporary bathroom decor

If you go beyond the typical vinyl and cotton, the curtains in your bathroom will have the potential to be a masterpiece of design. Shower curtains nowadays become an integral part of the decor of the bathroom. The market offers a great variety of different design options, among which you will always find the one that suits to your style and combines modernity and elegance. Decorate your bathroom in an interesting and creative way by choosing unusual designer shower curtains. Look for original and unusual ideas for the shower curtain, but match them to the bathroom interior. Whether you choose graffiti motifs, sea animals, floral motifs or even a map of the subway system, the shower curtain decoration will stand out and attract the interest.

 Designer shower curtains that make a statement

designer shower curtains ideas floral motifs bathroom decorating tips

If you are a fan of fun and unusual curtains in the bathroom, there are designer shower curtains which will match your taste. The TV test pattern is colorful and fun and will create mood in your bathroom. You should be careful for the rest of decoration. Make sure that the rest of the bathroom decor is not too colorful, so you do not overdo the decoration.

art motive ideas shower curtains designs

Black shower curtain with love graffiti text

black shower curtain love text designer shower curtains ideas

 TV test shower curtain

TV test pattern designer shower curtains bathroom decorating ideas

 Tree blossom shower curtain

tree blossom designer shower curtains bathroom decorating

 Black and white bathroom interior and shower curtain

designer shower curtains ideas black white bathroom decor

 Beach themed shower curtain

designer shower curtains ideas orange green colors

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 Ombre flamenco ruffles

designer shower curtains ideas ombre flamenco ruffles

Cute shower curtain for the kids’ bathroom

shower curtains design ideas kids bathroom decorating ideas fairy tales

shower curtains designs bathroom decor wall art

shower curtains designs sea animals octopus

nautical designer shower curtain sea stars bathroom decorating tips

designer shower curtains ideas superheroes curtain bathroom decorating tips

designer shower curtains ideas fresh bathroom decor

shower curtains designs textures fabrics bathroom decor tips

shower curtains ideas floral motifs birds small bathroom design

designer shower curtains ideas Eiffel tower Paris picture

designer shower curtains ideas decorative shower curtains Asian style bathroom

designer shower curtains ideas colorful pattern

designer shower curtains ideas colorful floral motif unique bathroom decor

shower curtains designs ship original shower curtains ideas

creative shower curtains designs pink white bathroom interior

adorable peacock designer shower curtain ideas flowers tail decorative shower curtains


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