Bathroom furniture – modern modular suite by Sieger Design

bathroom furniture creative modular design

This incredibly stylish bathroom furniture is designed by Sieger Design and is part of Alape’s bathroom solutions. Don’t be fooled by its spectacular elegant look, this bathroom furniture is equipped with all the space storage and the functionality you need in your bathroom. Actually the design is so clean and simple that you don’t even notice how functional and practical the furniture is. You just open the cabinets and say “Wow, how much space there is here”. That’s the beauty of “Be Yourself” (the name of this bathroom collection) – it looks minimalist on the outside, but it is very expansive on the inside.

Elegant Bathroom furniture for the modern home

chic stylish bathroom furniture design

This collection is the perfect example that the bathroom furniture doesn’t have to be redundant and tacky to be functional and beautiful. Today, this type of bathroom solution is much preferred because it is space saving and simple. It is more appropriate for modern home interior and compact areas. Although “Be Yourself” has a more masculine look that doesn’t mean that it is appropriate only for a man’s bathroom. It is edgy and beautiful and it can perfectly fit the interior of a woman’s house or apartment. Its versatility makes it a perfect match to every bathroom space.

Modern bathroom furniture made of plywood with stone finishes

stylish innovative bathroom design idea

This bathroom furniture by Sieger Design is made of natural high-quality materials. The tub and the mirrors are complemented by the lovely cabinetry design which is made of high-quality plywood. The tub and the mirrors are free from superfluous curves, which is what gives them that natural look and unique glow. They make the bathroom are look much more expansive and spacious.

Very chic masculine clean line design

lovely clean look modular design bathroom

“Be Yourself” – the bathroom furniture that you recognize firsthand

exquisite luxurious bathroom modular design

Minimalist versatile bathroom

creative sink design modular bathroom solution

Fully equipped with enough storage for the bathroom

exceptional modular bathroom design idea

Exceptional quality materials and excellent finishes 

bathroom cabinet modular design idea

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