Innovative bathtub design by Glass Idromassaggio

contemporary bathtub design

Hilo is an innovative bathtub design that represents a simple and clean concept for a modern bathroom solution.  Created by Italian bathroom and hydro massage installation company Glass Idromassaggio the design proves to be modern and interesting with its unusual exterior material choice and its different look. The innovative bathtub design comes with a set of other bathroom pieces that are bound to make your bathroom a unique personal space of style and relaxation.

Innovative bathtub design – Hilo

free-standing bathtub

Hilo is a free-standing bathtub with a classic rectangular or oval shape. Its internal part is designed like a regular bathtub made from acrylic – a material which is lightweight but strong at the same time and has a lustrous look. What’s most impressive in this innovative bathtub design is its exterior design. The rattan-like material that wraps around the tub gives the design an elegant delicate look and makes it unique. The brown wicker shell makes a reference to a wooden material and brings a different kind of sense to the whole bathroom space. What’s unique about the design is that such material is rarely used inside the bathroom and its look reminds of the outdoors. It is a way to escape the plain atmosphere of the ordinary bathroom and have a different experience. The material also makes the innovative bathtub design feel tougher without the lack of some tenderness which is found in the exquisite wicker work.

Interesting and innovative bathtub design

interesting wooden bathtub

The Hilo bathtub design goes with a set for the whole bathroom. You can combine it with cabinets and tables wrapped in the same material. That way you can create a complete composition of bathroom elements that would transform your bathroom into a truly outstanding space. This innovative bathtub design and its kin guarantee you a modern elegant room filled with fresh atmosphere and originality.

By K.H.Hristova

hilo bathtub design



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