Making a Splash with Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Posted on 18/06/2012 Author: . Under: Bathroom

Making a Splash with Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern small bathroom interior design

Having a small bathroom is not a disadvantage.  With so many fantastic small bathroom design ideas you may be spoiled for choice.  This is an important room in the house and your small bathroom’s diminutive stature does not mean it should be neglected or ignored in your interior design planning.  Make a feature of this vital part of your home. This creative range of small bathroom design ideas will help you to realize the hidden potential in your bathroom.

You may not be able to physically alter the volume of your small bathroom but you can make the most of every available space.  Importantly you can definitely expand the illusion of space in your small bathroom design idea.

Small black bathroom design

Firstly consider your wall surfaces and flooring.  These obviously need to be selected for their water resistant qualities.  Tiles on walls and floors are the most resilient choices in this respect. To increase the sense of space in your small bathroom design idea, coordinate floor and wall tiles to create a sense of continuity and to blur the definition between horizontal and vertical surfaces.  The tiling scheme could be extended to include the bath panels and therefore, create an even greater sense of space enhancing unity.

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