Luxury bathroom designs to Inspire You

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New and Luxury bathroom designs to Inspire You


The bathroom is one room in the house where you can truly indulge yourself.  Have some private pampering time, soak away all your cares and relax.  So make the most of this important place.  You do not have to spend a fortune to achieve a luxurious bathroom design, but if you have the budget, why not ‘splash out’ on a fabulous bathroom design which will give you unlimited hours of pure pleasure.  Featured here is a selection of sumptuous luxury bathrooms to delight and inspire you.

Luxury bathroom interior design

Luxury bathroom designs to Inspire You

The first consideration must be the space available for creating your personal idea of a luxury bathroom.  You need to be able to achieve the right kind of peaceful atmosphere, so select a suite that suits the space and still leaves you comfortable areas to move around in.  So rule number one: aim for an uncluttered economical use of space, organize the layout of your perfect bathroom design with thought for how you will be using it.

Depending on the space available, the next major consideration is likely to be colour.  Ask yourself what kind of atmosphere do you wish to achieve in your bathroom design?  Colour is a powerful mood enhancer, so do you want something that is fresh and bright or a room that is dark mysterious and moody?  Colour is also important in creating an illusion of space so a smaller room might benefit from a light or white colour scheme. If you select a dark colour for your luxury bathroom, do you then want to pick out dramatic highlights in a contrasting colour.  This effect can be simply introduced through the creative selection and placement of towels and other accessories.

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