Ruffle shower curtain – a touch of romance for your bathroom

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All right! Ruffles! It is a fact that they look lovely, that they have a vintage romantic flair and timeless elegance. A colorful ruffle shower curtain can change the appearance of you bathroom completely. It will look brighter and will definitely reflect your individuality and personality.

Ruffle shower curtain – colorful accent in the bathroom

vintage romantic shower curtain white pink ruffles claw foot tub

A ruffled shower curtain can be romantic, stylish, elegant, colorful, original and it is only up to you which way to go.

clawfoot tub white ruffle shower curtain bathroom decorating ideas romantic bathroom

You can choose a curtain with white color with beautiful ruffles at the bottom or a plain curtain with lovely ruffled patterns as a stylish decorative accent – the bathroom curtain ideas are so many and so fascinating.

ruffled shower curtain ombre pattern white yellow colors small bathroom ideas

Another option is to opt for a lovely colorful shower curtain in your favorite color – blue, orange, burgundy red, green or a combination of colors.

ruffle shower curtain beige color bathroom decor ideas white clawfoot tub white floor tiles

A third option is to choose a monochrome color scheme which will add elegance to your bathroom decor with a romantic touch and feel with small delicate ruffles.

contemporary bathroom design white pink ruffle shower curtain subway wall tiles

An ombre pattern will add the shades of your favorite color and the curtain can be just the accent that your bathroom needs. Of course, the rainbow ruffle shower curtain will bring joy and good mood to the interior of any bathroom.


A lovely ruffle shower curtain will change the bathroom experience

white ruffle shower curtain creative bathroom decorating ideas DIY shower curtain

A simple shower curtain will look stylish and elegant, if decorated with ruffles. A ruffle shower curtain will be a thrilling addition in a modern bathroom design with strict lines.

ruffle shower curtain ombre pattern purple pink colors

A flamenco pattern will be an eye catching element and a chic detail in the bathroom decoration. Soft pastel colors elegantly complement interiors in neutral shades and designs in retro style.

bathroom decoration ideas white ruffles shower curtain freestanding claw foot tub

As an addition to a claw foot tub, the cascading layers make sure that your bathroom will offer you an unforgettable experience.


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Blue and white ruffled shower curtain small bathroom ideas


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