White bathroom vanity – a symbol of purity and freshness

white bathroom design glossy floor tiles wall mirrors wall sconces

One of the most important things that we need to feel in our bathroom is peace and pleasure. White color has always been a symbol of purity and freshness, and this is of great significance for bathroom decor. Today we will have a look at the white bathroom vanity as one of the basic elements in the design of the bathroom.

White bathroom vanity styles and designs

stylish white bathroom white vanity units wall mirrors crystal chandelier

A bathroom decorated in white may seem monotonous, cold or even boring and sterile. Yes, it could, if it wasn’t designed properly. A white bathroom vanity is only one of the elements in the interior and it could stand out even in an all-white interior.

small bathroom ideas white bathroom vanity black wall marble tiles

In order to avoid a dull and cold look, accessories play an important role. Textures and materials also are of great significance. White color provides the opportunity to look at it as a canvas. It can be combined with any other color and any material.

 How to combine a white bathroom vanity with other elements


white bathroom vanity natural wood decorative details

White works equally well in contemporary and classic designs. Many people wonder how to combine a white bathroom vanity with other elements or colors. One of the first and always winning combinations is to choose elements of natural wood or with a neutral warm tone, so that such details can counterbalance some cool white.

white bathroom vanity pale blue wall color oval wall mirror

Do not overlook small details like accessories, decoration, mirrors. Even the most insignificant details in the interior are of great importance and can completely change the look of the room.

contemporary bathroom ideas white vanity cool floor tiles

Soft gray and white complement each other. Shower tiles, floor finish, small accessories and the interior will not look boring or too strict.

modern bathroom furniture white bathroom vanity contrast wall tiles

Add a bright and bold color accent which is the most obvious way to give character, chic and special mood to your bathroom. A floating vanity cabinet will make the bathroom look airy and modern.

White vanity with marble countertop

white vanity marble top elegant bathroom design ideas

 White color can be combined with any other color

white bathroom vanity ideas storage cabinets drawers wall mirrors

Elegant white bathroom with double vanity

white bathroom vanity glossy surface large wall mirror modern bathroom

White and natural wood – always a perfect combination

contemporary bathroom furniture white bathroom vanity freestanding tub wood flooring

Contemporary and elegant vanity design

white bathroom design minimalist vantiy unit wall mirror

Straight lines and minimalist design

modern white bathroom white vanity soaking bathtub

 Contemporary vanity with original sink

modern bathroom design white vanity large mirror modern lighting

elegant modern bathroom white bathroom vanity dark floor tiles

bathroom design white vanity storage cabinets dressign table

bathroom design white bathroom vanity large wall mirror

modern bathroom minimalist vanity design gray floor tiles

black and white bathroom design white bathroom vanity black wall color

bathroom vanity ideas white vanity storage cabinets drawers


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