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Bathroom For You – Furnitures From Falper

Every modern man wants to say: “Bathroom for you“.

The bathroom  is the most personal space in the home. This room is no longer only for maintaining personal hygiene. The room is used for relaxation after a busy day. This function requires to be beautiful, modern, comfortable and to provoke pleasant emotions. The bathroom is an indispensable part of modern home. We can not imagine life without bathroom. Everyone has a different idea of the best bathroom. For some it is spacious and luxurious, and there are people who seek comfort. Different preferences provoke designers for individual projects “Bathroom for you“.

Bathroom For You – Washbasin Janus Of ABC Cucine


Bathroom For You – Washbasin Janus Of ABC Cucine

The greatest recognition of the architect and designer is the client will accept the formula as a “Bathroom for you“. This requires the project to be customized according to the people and the room space. Sometimes moving walls to expand bathroom. The result is a spacious room with everything you need. The most popular version of the modern bathroom is that it is equipped with bathtub and shower with hydromassage panels. Increasingly, designers offer two sinks, and sometimes two showers. The aim is to save time in the morning. This version is fully compatible with the formula “Bathroom for you“.

Bathroom For You – Washbasin From Antonio Lupi

Bathroom for you” is simple and meet the needs of people. The market offers a wide variety of equipment and bathroom accessories. Their style should be consistent with the overall home furnishings. The modern design allows more freedom in using materials and forms. Natural materials like stone and wood boldly entered the modern bathroom. They successfully combined with modern terracotta tiles and create a beautiful and comfortable space where everyone can say: “Bathroom for you“.

Bathroom For You – Washbasin By Falper


Bathroom For You – Washbasin By Falper

The more often designers pronounce the phrase “Bathroom for you“, the more you will have happy customers. Specialists can provide professional advice on choice of equipment, proper lighting, appropriate colors. Stylish is a combination of black and white and earth tones. But is no exception the bathroom in nontraditional colors like pink, orange. Everyone decides what are the colors in the bathroom. This is so personal space that is always valid phrase “Bathroom for you“.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

Bathroom For You – Washbasin of Mastella Design


Bathroom For You – Washbasin of Mastella Design

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