Over the Counter exhibition by Tamas Szentirmai and Janos Vagi

over the counter exhibition

Over the Counter is an artistic exhibition held by the Hungarian architects Janos Vagi and Tamas Szentirmai. The exhibition was held in Budapest and as you can see the works consist primarily of wooden pallets. The art pieces are a part of a low-budget project, but that doesn’t make them less expressive and unique. Actaully, their simplicity is what makes them so incredible and exceptional. The outstanding performance of the architects is definitely not overlooked.  Surely, there is no absence of attention towards this exhibition, and that means that “the message is heard”.

Unique artworks ehxibited in Budapest – Over the counter

creative art exhibition over the counter

The different structures that are part of Over the counter are made of plywood and metal. The different pieces are quiet diverse, not in terms of material usage but in terms of structure, form and size. And although they are so different from each other, they manage to adapt to the space very well creating a wonderful, unique vibe in the interior. Because of their exceptional appearance and unique presence, these artworks have a uniquely highlighted concept, something very new for Budapest’s art “life”.

Over the counter shows elegance and simplicity in various forms

unique artistic approach over the counter

Because Over the counter includes structures made of inexpensive but absolutely practical materials, the concept reveals yet another topic of discussion. Does modern art have to be redundant, over the top and glamorous, to make us feel the emotion and vibe of the artistry or has modern art changed its direction and has become more simple, understandable and beautiful without pomposity? This question is not going to be answered simply with one exhibition, but Over the Counter has definitely suggested such a change, which in a way is very refreshing.

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