Contemporary Architectural Vase Design Embodies Aspirations by Johannes Klein

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This contemporary architectural vase is just one example of the work of young German designer Johannes Klein, now working in Milan, Italy

Johannes Klein was born in Germany, in a town near the Black Forest.

He spent some time working as a furniture designer and then attended the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.  Later he went to Italy and studied design at the Politecnico di Milano. During this period he collaborated with Vogt + Weizenegger, Berlin to produce designs for DIM-The Imaginary Factory. He Moved to Milan after graduating in 2002 and has remained there since.  Further project collaborations followed with Terri Pecora Design Studio and Studio & Partners. Now Klein has established his presence in the design world and works independently in multiple design disciplines and activities

‘Heartbeats’ exhibit Contemporary Architectural Vase design

 ‘Heartbeats’ exhibit Contemporary Architectural Vase design Johannes Klein

This intriguing white vase in some ways exhibits Johannes Klein’s multidisciplinary background and his future aspirations.  The vase is sculptural and architectural at the same time.  This fascinating piece is not just a model. It represents an ambitious idea and eventually evolved into a functional decorative item.  This piece was originally displayed in the ‘Heartbeats’ industrial exhibition in Milan- which showcased the models of 40 energetic new designers.  The purpose of the exhibition was to demonstrate how models can be used at the beginning of the design process as a record of first ideas, rather like a sketch, and then how ideas develop from this fundamental concept.  The starting point can be the same regardless of the project.  In this illustration the original thoughts could have evolved into a sky scraper or a vase.  The contemporary architectural vase celebrates the fluidity of pure flowing forms and lines.  Its white construction enables a dynamic interaction of light to play over the surface of the model.  This is continually shifting, adding drama to the asymmetric geometry of the construction.

This contemporary architectural vase is small in scale but big on impact.  It could conceivably be developed into a major architectural work.  Who knows what the future holds for this young designer.

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