Radiant pools – modern technology for better performance

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Radiant pools feature innovative technology and characteristics which make them different from standard pool construction. What is a radiant pool? What are the characteristics of this type of pools? What are the design options and what do you need to know when planning your garden pool? We shall look at the advantages offered by radiant pools and the benefits they offer to their owners.

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Summer time provides is a wonderful opportunity to spend many hours outdoors. Swimming pools are fun not only for children but for adults as well. We all enjoy spending time in the garden, relaxing on a sunbed making the most of the beautiful weather. Choosing a backyard pool is a serious task and the design options are quite many. There are cheaper options which are ideal if you work on a tight budget, there are more expensive options which require a substantial investment and labor, there are pools manufactured from different materials, the finishing options are also numerous, so it can be a bit confusing what to choose. In addition, if you wanted to add some water features, a springboard or a slide, a pool house or an outdoor kitchen by the pool, your backyard will be completely transformed.

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To begin with the most important question – What is a radiant pool? Radiant pools are made from the highest quality materials and will last for a long time. The pool’s walls are much more durable than the walls of steel, polymer or concrete pools. We mentioned earlier that radiant pools are constructed with innovative technology. The technology was developed for the NASA space program and features thick wall panels from expanded polystyrene foam core which is bonded between sheets of durable acrylic coated aluminum. The process of bonding the layers results in a stronger and more durable rigid wall than any other pool wall. The lightweight makes the panels easy to handle and the installation is relatively quick. The panels are resistant to stress, corrosion and heat loss which makes the investment for a radiant pool quite worth.


Radiant pools – design options for the backyard


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Radiant pools offer the versatility of modern pool design. In a backyard the construction of a swimming pool can be a challenge but a radiant pool offers different options – inground, semi-in-ground or above ground, if your site is sloped. Inground pools are one of the most popular options and stairs provide a safe access to the pool. This is of significant importance for families with younger children as the safety is always a prime concern.

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Semi- inground radiant pools are installed partially in the ground. These are the perfect type of pool for sloped backyards. A deck around the pool adds to the appearance and the ease of access and you will have the advantages of both inground and above ground pools.

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Above ground pool designs are a great way to transform your backyard into a dream outdoor space. Above ground radiant pools in the backyard immediately become a focal point and you can add many additional features to customize the pool so that it suits your style and taste.

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As far as shape is concerned, radiant pools are offered in rectangular, round and oval shape or freeform. The different shapes and sizes allow the homeowners to comply with the requirements of local regulations and restrictions regarding swimming pools.


Why choose radiant pools – what are the benefits that they offer?


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Radiant pools have some unique properties that make them stand out. On the first place is the technology used for aircrafts which makes these pools exceptionally strong and durable. The great benefit that the technology provides is that pool owners will never have to worry for problems with rust, they have a guarantee that the wall will not crack or warp.

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Radiant pools have better energy efficiency due to the insulating properties of the pool panels. The walls retain the heat and it stays warmer which means less cost on pool heating. As per experts radiant pools maintain 6-8 degrees higher temperature of the water. In addition, a radiant pool is environmentally friendly and the materials are recyclable.

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Options for customizations – this is another huge benefit of radiant pools. You can have oval, round or freeform shape which is suitable for your terrain and plot size. Above ground, semi-inground, on a slope or into a hill – the choices are there for you.

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Radiant pools have a lifetime warranty which no other pool offers. The warranty can be transferred to new owners if you should ever sell your home.


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