“Underground House” from SeARCH and CMA Architects – Exterior Design

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Villa Vals by SeARCH and CMA Architects

This truly remarkable Swiss dwelling is both stylish and kind to the natural environment. The extraordinary ‘Underground House’ was designed to be highly energy efficient remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. Addressing current global concerns for the environment, this home is eco-friendly, as it doesn’t draw on excessive or unsustainable fuel resources.

Swiss mountain village underground house


Swiss mountain village underground house

Located in a charmingly traditional Swiss mountain village, this stunning subterranean home coexists quite comfortably amongst the more typical chalet style homes. The house is recessed snuggly into the hillside and nestles unobtrusively in a sheltered ‘dish like’ elliptical basin. Despite its highly original design, the discrete setting of the ‘Underground House’ doesn’t distract from the general picturesque nature of its immediate surroundings.

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