Tips for colors in the children room


Bright children room interior

Children room is little privacy in the family. The room should provide space for sleeping, playing games with friends, preparing lessons, listening to music.

The successful combination of features makes the room cozy and inviting. The choice of colors for the children room is usually consistent with gender and age of the child. Among the popular decorations of the rooms for girls “Barbie” colors. For boys used shades of blue. In room baby pastel tones prevail, bright colors are characteristic of the premises of the older children.

Pink color girls room interior


Pink color girls room interior

Pink is the most common colors in the rooms of girls. In this space girl feel like a princess. Delicate color is used in textiles, furniture or walls. Even the lights are pink. Red is the potential. If it is very bright, the room looks great and even a little scary. In the darker shades of red creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is the brightest color to be used sparingly. Several points were enough to fresh the room. Orange creates a mood and is suitable for both boys and girls. It conveys warmth. Yellow is also very suitable for girls and boys. The color has many shades and can choose softer or brighter tones. Great opportunity for children room design is the choice of several shades, which are complementary.

Green theme children room interior

Bright colors are softened with neutral tones. Often parents do not perceive in white children room. Their explanation is that contamination quickly. The black color is not popular for children’s room. Understanding is that it makes the room dark. In both cases, bright accents fresh the room in white or black. Dark wall may be colored background for photos, posters. The most used colors in the children room are bright green, violet and pink.


Bright childrens room interior design

They soothe children to help them relax and sleep well, these colors reduce hyperactivity, when decorating the children room is good to seek the views of children. They will best decide how to look their room. The aim is room is an attractive place for games, activities and sleep, children’s participation in the process makes them creative people.
Text by D. Alexandrova

Children room design by Colombini


Children room design by Colombini

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