The larder – a storage place or one of the rooms in the apartment


Larder design in apartment

Usually the larder is looked at as one of a larder in the apartment. All unnecessary possessions are kept there and this place is often looked at as an attic. But it shouldn’t be that way. The larder is usually a narrow room with no windows or ventilation and in order to store more belongings in there, shelves are often placed there, where everything, for which there is no place anywhere else, is to be placed. This place should be looked at as all of the other rooms are, and its furnishing should be planned accordingly.

The large larder interior


The large larder interior

It should be very well lit, as the synthetic lighting is the only type of lighting used. Equally spread lighting from a false ceiling is the best option. A wall lamp can be placed over the door or the light-switch. The choice for floor covering should be materials, which stand greater load, if heavier objects and furniture pieces are to be stored there. The wall covering should be able to withstand moisture to prevent mould form on the walls, since there is no ventilation in this room. When arranging the objects, a simple rule should be applied – too many things, which the place couldn’t encompass normally, shouldn’t be placed.

Elegant larder interior


Elegant larder bedroom interior

Additional constructions, such as rows of shelves, racks and chests of drawers, should be manufactured according to the home masters’ needs and the size and shape of the room. Shelves can be placed on the walls to save up floor space. In order to avoid looking at the attic as a place of disorder, there has to be a specific pattern in its arrangement. It can be said, that this is the most multifunctional place in the apartment.

Larder space in apartment


Larder space in apartment with family library

It can serve for storing items in, it can be turned into a clothes closet, or it can become a library for the household masters’ books. It should by no means become a second basement, as every building has one and needs no more than one alone. The most important condition is that the larder is looked as a part of the apartment and this should be taken into account when arranging it, that way a notion for a pleasant and cosy atmosphere will be established.

Text by B. Angelov

Contemporary larder design


Contemporary larder design

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