The eco style in the interior


Botanist eco furniture design

Among the variety of contemporary styles, where majestic baroque decisions blend with modern construction technology, the eco style firmly steps in as a new innovative trend. And this is by no means coincidental – the ecological way of life is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the cold greyish atmosphere of the urban city. Natural materials and technology are more and more frequently sought after, as the use of handcrafted furniture, non-toxic paint and sprays, and natural colours increases.

Eco Furniture Design by Caporaso Studio


Eco Furniture Design by Caporaso Studio

The eco style is easy to distinguish in the furniture styles and decisions. The massif furniture gives the home a warm and spirited atmosphere. The wood materials used include oak, chest-nut, cherry and mahogany. A luxurious retro style will be achieved by selecting finite hand-crafted furniture. Another option is to keep the wood’s coarse nature. Rough wood-work and simplistic shapes also have a specific charm and they remind us of the simple everyday life and hand craft. Regardless whether they only have hints of nature patterns, or they fully indulge in its design configuration, they are an increasingly sought home decor.

Exotic Hardwood Desk


Exotic Hardwood Desk by John Wiggers

An eco style can also be achieved by using exotic materials. Such are rattan, bamboo, coconut wood, banana palm leaves. The furniture, produced from them, does not only carry the spirit of far lands, but they are also cheaper and more accessible than the wooden ones. These materials are easily renewed in nature and treating them is much easier, as it does not need any expensive technologies. The furniture, made exotic materials, gives a pleasant appeal to the interior and is suitable for both inner furnishing and garden interior. Accessories, made of coconut wood or palm leaves, are a completing element of the eco home. Wrought iron is also used for producing eco furniture and accessories, although it contrasts to the warmth and comfort of the wooden furniture. On the other hand, its possibilities are unlimited and every piece of work is unique, which allows creating an outstanding interior style, completed by wrought iron.

Eco friendly furnitures


Eco friendly furnitures

Natural fibres take a predominant place in the interior. Carpets of hand-weaved wool, cotton and flax curtains and coverings will always be a classic with an eco origin. Natural colours are an indoor nature element. The more natural and ecological, the more cleansed and easy to maintain it is. Striving for a connection with the earth by natural materials and shapes is the future of interior design.

Text by B. Angelov

Minimalist fireplace design


Eco smart fire minimalist fireplace design

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