The aquarium – an exotic addition to the interior


Minimalist kitchen with built-in aquarium

The aquarium can bring in some liveliness to the household. It’s interesting and exciting natural ecosystem with many inhabitants – colourful fishes, sea-shells and clams. It’s a part of the sea, which we cam bring to our home. Nowadays the small glass aquariums have given way to aquarium systems, which are an accent in the living room, dining room and cabinet. Contemporary technologies and materials allow large aquariums in various shapes to be built in the walls, floor, ceiling or bays, extravagant ideas, such as an aquarium table, or aquarium piano break all moulds of interior surprises.

Buil-in aquarium in living room


Buil-in aquarium in living room

Contemporary aquarium systems allow the maintenance of this exotic to be reduced to merely supervising the control of its functioning. The choice of aquarium depends most on the type of its inhabitants – freshwater fishes, or saltwater fishes. The most beautiful and uniquely shaped fishes are marine inhabitants, but the maintenance of a saltwater aquarium is more difficult, since salt has a corrosion effect on the aquarium equipment. These aquariums more intensive cleaning and care for maintaining the general outlook of the aquarium, a freshwater aquarium is easier to maintain and can encompass just as many types of colourful and beautiful fishes.

Minimalist aquarium interior decorating


Minimalist aquarium interior decorating

The appropriate placement of the aquarium shouldn’t be disregarded, its place is in the corner of the room, which happens to be the darkest part of the place. That’s why the aquarium should be well lit. Lighting in the aquarium is not merely a necessity, but also a way to give it an unusual enchanting beauty. It can become an accent in the room’s furnishing by creating a whole nature crib around it.

Dining area with aquarium interior


Modern dining area with aquarium interior

A decorative fountain and flower-pots around it are suitable decoration for the home’s aqua crib. Whether it’s thought out as a decision for the choice of pets, or it’s an expression of the interest of a passionate aquarist, the aquarium is always a fun element for the home owners, it’s a piece of nature with its own charm.
Text by B. Angelov

Modern aquarium sink


Modern aquarium sink for bathroom decorating

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