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Minimalist kitchen living area interior

Modern living room is multifunctional. There are separate kitchen, dining room, working area, and sometimes roost. Individual zones are harmonically related to the common area. Here are some practical ideas on how to organize your day to turn it into a cozy and beautiful room. The kitchen is located closest to the door. Cabinets in it are arranged at an angle of two adjacent walls. A good option is the installation of a kitchen island that separates the site from the daily cooking and at the same time serves as a quick snack, an aperitif. Comfortable high chairs make it attractive for family and guests. Side in the kitchen island cabinets, drawers, oven, sink.

Kitchen interior design


Kitchen interior design

This is to combine several functions and to save space in space. Open daily to the kitchen is usually the darkest part of the room and sometimes no window. Well he is properly illuminated to create a pleasant atmosphere and convenient operation. You need to be installed enough lights over the stove, sink tops work over the island. The room has an additional light, if the kitchen cabinets are polished and light rays are reflected in them. Dining table near the kitchen, the aim is not to hassle with delivery of food.

Kitchen corner interior design


Cozy kitchen corner interior design

Seating can be used back to the wall and corner bench kitchen island. It is convenient and saves space. Often in the living room is a separate working area. It is located near a window at the bright side of the room. Mine is a functional office desk with room for PC and many drawers for storage of documents and materials. Above it is mounted movable lamp guiding light. In small apartments the living room is often used for the bedroom of the family.

Transformable sofa


Transformable sofa Vento by Thomas Althaus

If the room is large enough, the bed may be in the darkest corner, preferred option is sofa bed. It becomes a comfortable bed at night and during the day is a place for reading, watching TV, talking. Drop down bed is another option for the bedroom into the living room. His mattress is raised to the wall during the day and does not occupy any space in the room, a sufficient space for people.

Text by D. Alexsandrova

Folding bed and wardrobe design


Contemporary folding bed and wardrobe design

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