A glamorous penthouse interior design by Oxana Yuryeva in Moscow

contemporary interior design penthouse by Oxana Yuryeva Moscow

Yes, there is no other word for this stunning penthouse interior design but glamorous. Created by Oxana Yuryeva, the founder of Y&S Architecture – Interior design, this digital design project has been developed for a family of four at Gilyarovskogo Street in Moscow, Russia.

Gorgeous penthouse interior design and stylish elegance

Penthouse interior design Gilyarovskogo Street Moscow the roof terrace

The main idea of the penthouse interior design is to provide not only a luxury environment but a comfortable one. Using the principles of minimalism and artfully mixing them with Art deco the overall impression is modern, elegant and stylish. The residence has a roof exit and offers amazing views of Russia’s capital – Moscow. The two storey loft has been tastefully designed and decorated with high quality materials and furnishings.

Modern penthouse interior design

minimalist penthouse interior design living room Oxana Yuryeva spectacular chandelier

The marble slabs of the floors give them a fantastic look. The walls and ceilings are filled with decorative plaster, textile wall-paper and wooden panels finishings. The bathrooms are masterpieces of design – again marble slabs and porcelain tiles create the perfect modern combination for utmost comfort. The bedrooms design includes fantastic Italian furniture with clear lines and stylish color accents. The open plan living space is elegantly designed and devided in two main zones – dining room and a living room with a spectacular sparkling chandelier. The penthouse interior design also provides a contemporary equipment – automated control system , central air conditioning and heating.

Penthouse interior design by Oxana Yuryeva Moscow the roof top terrace

Marble slabs floors

minimalist interior design solutions by Oxana Yuryeva marble floor

Elegant hallway

Elegant modern interior design Penthouse on Gilyarovskogo Street

Stylish bedroom design in white

stylish bedroom interior design penthouse by Oxana Yuryeva

 Fantastic bathroom interior  in white and golden

Luxury bathroom design marble slabs ceramic tiles Oxana Yuryeva

modern bedroom interior design ideas penthouse Moscow

Minimalilst art deco mix bedroom interior design penthouse by Oxana Yuryeva 01

creative interior bedroom office design on Gilyarovskogo street Moscow

modern bathroom inerior design marble slabs elegant lighting

fantastic bathroom design marble ceramics natural colors

elegant bathroom interior design by Oxana Yuryeva penthouse in Moscow

comfort and elegance bathroom interior design Penthouse on Gilyarovskogo Street

 Penthouse on Gilyarovskogo Street Moscow plan

Penthouse on Gilyarovskogo Street Moscow plan 1

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