Paintings in the minimalistic interior design


Minimalist interior living room

Decors in contemporary minimalistic interior design are usually less but not least. Their function is more important than you think. Usually a room arranged in a minimalistic style is empty, spacious and deprived of lots of things we traditionally see in other styles for home interior. This lack of furniture is counterpoised with some vanguard decor, which remember is only one and only but not combined with too many needless vases, flowers, ornaments, sculptures and souvenirs.

Stylish minimalist living room


Stylish minimalist living room

That is why the only decor in the contemporary minimalistic interior design is usually impressive and attractive enough to make the room look beautiful and stylish. Paintings are the most common decor in the contemporary minimalistic home interior design. The specific thing here is that paintings are not regular paintings – nature mort or a dull vase with some daisies. Minimalistic paintings on the walls are abstract and shocking, sometimes they are even screaming with its weird figures, spots, illustrations and ideas, hidden beyond the colors.

Minimalist color interior design


Minimalist living room color interior design

Actually, designers` piece of advice goes like that “The more the painting is strange and peculiar, the more minimalistic your room becomes”. Surrealism is a kind of beloved of minimalism. Salvador Dali`s work in a minimalistic interior design is a classic decision made by the designers. Conceptions speak of life themes – love and hate, family and loneliness but in an extra ordinary way that only some really artistic or intelligent people can easily figure out. Mostly, colors in a surrealistic painting are more than two, so the interior design should be clean and neutral – white floor and ceiling, black or grey set of furniture.

Abstract painting dining room interior


Abstract painting dining room interior

Abstract paintings are appropriate for the minimalistic interior design, too. Shapes with no meaning, figures with curved structures or blurred spots on a white canvas are the best choice for a lounge or a dining room. Graphical arts can be perfectly combined with a white and black interior design in order to stress on the schematic conception which is influenced in the room. If you are an artist, itself, better draw something by your own – the sensation of your personal presence in the house will be gorgeously emphasized.

Artistic wall decorating bathroom


Artistic wall decorating bathroom

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