Karim Rashid with a shockingly beautiful interior design


Karim Rashid’s first residential interior project

This is Karim Rashid’s first residential interior project ever. Made for a Miami condominium this amazing design is a soup-to-nuts interior. It is amazing, colorful and stylish. It brings the interior design thoughtfulness and ideas to a whole new level. Take a look at those colors and unusual shaped furniture, it is clearly made with lots of insipiration, imagination, style and experience.

Colorful chic interior design


Colorful chic interior design

The furniture is so precisely combined, that it makes the interior very expanding and the atmosphere playful and inviting, who wouldn’t want to live in a home like this? It brings us back to our dreams in our childhoods that are how magical this interior design is. This amazing condominium is situated on the west side of Biscayne Bay. The building is made by Arquitectonica. The local real estate press says that it is a smaller version of a previously planned higher building. However, Arquitectonica has been working on it for quite some time.

Chic living room interior


Chic living room interior by Karim Rashid

Rashid’s biomorphic incredible design and furniture totally matches the South Florida style and tropical climate. He created the orange-white clad lobby, the roof-top gymnasium, the pool and the Digipop carpeting in the apartment. He also made the laminated wood flooring; he chose the Italian printed glass kitchen from Scavolini, as well as the bathroom features. His contribution made this home so magical and amazing. This is definitely the most imaginative and inspirational interior designs we’ve seen this year.

Stylish kitchen and dining area


Stylish kitchen and dining area

It is probably going to make us hold our breath until his next attempt as we can see he’s done an excellent job with this one. What more could one ask for? Everything is made of top quality materials and all of the furniture pieces go so well together that they seem as if they are single set. This interior design is made for people who really want to escape from reality and go into the land of all possibilities, it’s perfect for an artistic family with urban chic, colorful lifestyle.

Furniture Vertex collection design


Indoor outdoor furniture Vertex collection design

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