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Family house exterior design

If we look at the antique houses, which are in essence cultural monuments, we will discover that each of them has a name, which has made it famous.

All these houses are unique – each has its own life, its individual atmosphere, which makes it distinguishable. They can’t be mistaken with one another, because they each have something unique and specific about them. That’s where the builders’ and architects’ real mastery lies – in creating a unique house, which deserves to have its own name. When designing a house, every owner or designer can make it unique, if he gives the necessary thought and creativity in his work.

Kitchen dining area interior design


Kitchen dining area interior design

The first requirement is to choose the style of furnishing. It should relate to the building’s architectural structure. The minimalistic style of furnishing would be suitable for a contemporary style of architectural design. The retro style would be suitable for a house, built according to the vintage tendencies of architecture. It is necessary for all storeys and rooms in the house be furnishing in the style, or be correlated to one another, so that inappropriate style combinations would be avoided. Usually the rooms, which are used most frequently during the daytime, are on the first storey. Most commonly, that’s the living room, dining room and kitchen. A good idea is to choose French windows for them, so that they would take full advantage of the sunshine and would correlate well to the garden, thus in essence letting in enter the household.

Open space living room interior design

The furnishing can be modern or retro, but must be in the same single style for all the rooms. In a house there is usually a fireplace, which should be turned into a crib, where the home masters and guests can gather for a chat. A good idea is to make a centre piece of the interior configuration. If the house has more that one storey, then the less frequently used rooms should be on the upper storeys. They can be furnished in the same style as the commonly used rooms, or have their own spate style. Nevertheless, they should relate well to each other in terms of furnishing style. The stairs, which connect the separate storeys, should either be in the same style as the entire furnishing configuration, or be decided on separately.

Staircase interior design


Staircase interior design

Wooden staircases are suitable for each and every interior decision. The house and garden should be firmly connected. There are various ways to achieve that, such as through the building’s placement, the choice and placement of the garden furnishing and the plant life. If there are additional structures in the garden, they should be connected architecturally to the building, so as to blend well with the garden configuration. The house should have a particular style of configuration, so as to represent the space as having a general idea, well thought out and realized, so that it creates the notion of harmony.

Text by B. Angelov

Open air dining room design


Open air dining room design

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