Ideas for furnishing a home library and office

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Ideas for furnishing a home library and office



Modern home office and library

Not always is the area of our home sufficient for a separate working place, such as an office, and a place for solitude, such as a library. It is often necessary that they share the space of a single room. The furnishing plan should be made in such a way, that it corresponds to the needs of both activities, but in the confines of a single room.

Home office with library


Comfortable home office with library

The first step is to plan out how to split the area of the place between the future library and office. The vaster walls are an appropriate place for setting the book shelves. A computer desk and other technological appliances should be placed near the window. The desk can face the book shelves or be parallel to them, but sufficient free space should be left, so as not to narrow down the range of vision for the person working there.

Modern home furniture


Apartment office library with modern furniture

Another option is for the book shelves to be arranged on the full lengths of the walls, and the desk to be in the center of the room, along with the other furniture and appliances. The filing cabinets can be placed near the book shelves. The most important documents, which are to be used frequently, can be stored in a separate cabinet, placed near the desk.
The choice of colour for the walls should be the same as the choice of colour range for the working environment – pastel, unostentatious and soothing tones. Light and pale nuances, such as white, light yellow, pale purple and green, are all suitable. The lighting should be strong. There should by all means be more than one lighting source, with a single source above every work area. Apart from equally spread on the ceiling, it can also be from portable sources above every work area.

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