Floor and wall coverings in the home office and library

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Floor and wall coverings in the home office and library


Bbuilt-in home office interior design

The home office and library are rooms, which require a calm, quiet atmosphere, which would provide solitude while working. Conveniences are a must and floor and wall coverings help make this possible, if they are appropriately chosen.
There are numerous opportunities for floor coverings – from terracotta and granite, to natural wooden parquet. Terracotta and granite are easy to maintain, but they have the downside of being too cold during the winter. Parquet is more difficult to maintain, but it keeps the floor warm and is very beautiful.

Minimalist home office design


Simple minimalist home office interior design

The laminated parquet is very appropriate, since it answers to all the attributes of a floor covering, suitable for most rooms. The wall coverings should answer the needs of natural daylight, spaciousness and air space. Latex paint is appropriate and comes in many colours. Wallpapers are suitable for the office, because they have a soothing effect, but aren’t the best choice for a library. The prime concern about these two rooms is noise isolation. That’s why a cork covering is the best choice for these two rooms. It keeps the place cool in summer and warm in winter and, since it’s a very clean material, it reduces the threat of allergies in a rather dusty place like the library.

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