Eclecticism in modern living


Eclectic style living area interior

All people want to have a home with its own personality. Aspire to home is unique and at the same time cozy and beautiful. The aim is to bring the space comfort and relaxation. The interior affects mood of the people. Everyone wants the atmosphere in his home to bring positive energy and remind pleasant emotions. This directs them to the creation of eclecticism in the modern home. Is eclectic mix of styles and cultures of different regions and eras, it is successfully applied in modern homes and brings artistry.

Eclectic living room interior


Eclectic living room interior

Beautiful antique chest of great partnerships with ultramodern furniture in the living room. He carries the spirit of generations. The old wooden chest of great grandmother stood up to modern leather sofa. Very impressive is the combination of a comfortable armchair with modern wicker sofas and armchairs. Antique wooden furniture with carvings stand well to modern sofas and simple import comfort room. Exotic carpet of pleasant journey in the spirit of the day brings unique experience in a foreign country.

Eclectic living room


Eclectic living room interior design

The colors freshen the carpet room, give a unique design. Not preclude the use of textiles patchwork technique. It may be on the couch, the floor is used for curtains. Modern furniture combined with beautiful light that people liked the store and want to have in your home. Also import high-tech eclecticism in the home. Furnished in classic style room is equipped with PC and TV. The combination of different style, type and even color chairs around the dining table in the dining room is also seen as eclecticism. The combination brings a sense of artistic perception of design and impose their own style. The elegant mix of antique and modern furniture is very relevant.

Eclectic living room


Contemporary eclectic living room

Impressive is the combination of a wall of red brick or natural stone with modern sofas in the living room. The elegant line of furniture stands on a rough wall coverage of both styles are complementary. Eclectic living room can be made with the formation of separate zones of different colors on the walls or floor coverings. For example the floor in the dining area with ceramic tile, a place to rest with parquet floors. Eclectic style is impressive and artistic, it can be done with less money, it should be realized with taste, then the result is harmony, not chaos.

Text by D. Alexandrova

Contemporary eclectic living area


Contemporary eclectic living area

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov